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Thread: 4 ounce min requirement at daycare

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    My 3 month old started daycare last week and I asked that they feed him 3 ounces every three hours or as he shows signs of hunger. He is EBF and takes usually 2 to 3 ounces during the morning feedings and 3-4 during the evening. The daycare stated that they must offer him 4 ounces at each feeding to count for their government reimbursement. I am afraid he will be eating too much during the day and will not be interested in nursing at night. Could this impact my supply? I can usually pump 3 to 4 ounces, but I am afraid I wont be able to keep up. Any suggestions or resources I could provide to the daycare would be very much appreciated.

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    Really? I would ask for the name of whomever you need to contact in the government to verify that. Maybe for formula that kind of minimum makes sense but not for breast milk. It certainly could impact how much baby nurses with you and could be hard to keep up that much pumping when you are at work. Ask how long after warming the breastmilk they will keep using it. 4 ounces might be ok over 3-4 hours but if they are going to throw it away after 2 I would worry about it going to waste.

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    Agree with pp. I have heard of government overreach but this takes the cake!

    If this is really true, I would also suggest ask them to define 'offer.' Maybe you can send on extra once for each feeding that remains frozen and can (theoretically) be defrosted as needed if the baby asks for more milk.

    Overfeeding at day care absolutely has the potential to harm production and make it hard for mom to keep up. There is no medically sound reason to increase what your baby is getting at daycare unless there is evidence your baby is not getting enough.

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    The daycare needs to read the footnotes on the USDA's infant meal pattern guidelines, available here: http://www.fns.usda.gov/sites/defaul...fant_Meals.pdf.

    Footnote #3 makes it absolutely clear that for breastfed infants who regularly consume less than the 4-6 oz suggested, servings smaller than the minimum may be offered with additional servings offered if the baby is still hungry.

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    And if push comes to shove, perhaps a letter from the pediatrician saying that 3 oz is medically appropriate in this situation, with an additional ounce as needed?

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    mommal is right, the rule for at least 4oz if formula specific. Breast milk can be given in smaller bottles. Print it out and show them if they are being insistent.

    As a side note, I HATE the USDA rules for infant feeding, which is why we are not sending my daughter to the daycare where my son goes to school. We specifically found another place that doesn't do the USDA garbage until they are toddlers, and infants are fed however the parents want.
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