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    My 3 week old has been spitting up everytime I feed her. I burp her and even sit her up about 15 min afterwards. Any advice? Could it be something I ate?

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    It's probably not something you ate. The most likely explanation for a young baby spitting up is that she's a young baby. Babies are born without a lot of muscle strength or coordination, and that includes the muscular sphincters in your baby's digestive system. The muscles that are supposed to keep her tummy contents in her tummy just aren't yet strong enough to do their job, but just as your baby's legs will some day be strong enough to allow her to walk, her sphincters will some day be able to keep her stomach contents down where they belong. Spit-up generally peaks in the first few months of life, decreases markedly by 6 months, and is gone by a year.

    Now, if your baby is not gaining weight or is very distressed when spitting up- e.g. screaming in pain, arching her back- you might want to discuss the possibility of reflux with your doctor. But spit-up in an otherwise happy, healthy, growing baby is a laundry concern, not a health concern. Just lay in a supply of bibs and spare onesies, and make sure you swab out the baby 's neck folds once a day so the spit up doesn't get stuck in them and fester.

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    My first baby was a very heavy spitter. I never went anywhere without tons of cloth diapers which I used as burp cloths. It can help to keep baby somewhat upright for 15 or 20 minutes after a feed but that is no guarantee that there won't be spit-up after that.

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    my baby pukes CONSTANTLY. she does have reflux and doesn't scream anymore after spitting up since we put her on Zantac, but if we lay her on her back or tummy something will come out, doesn't matter what time of day or night or how recently she has eaten. She is gaining fine, it just makes a mess

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    I have formed the belief that lying flat on their backs is simply not a position that is normal for infants. Most of them do not like it, and as you can see it often does seem to exacerbate normal spit up issues as well as exacerbate true problems like painful reflux.

    This is not to say an infant should not be placed on their back to sleep. If you're putting baby down to sleep and leaving the room or going to sleep your self on a separate surface, of course the studies clearly link back to sleep campaigns and a lower incidence of SIDS. Even most bed sharing guidelines suggest that baby should be placed on their back to sleep when sleeping beside their sleeping mother.

    But after three kids I have found that baby is usually happiest and spit up and gas and sleep disturbance etc. etc. kept to a minimum if I or someone else holds baby snuggled upright against our chests most of the time.

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