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Thread: Cut not healing

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    Hello. I have a cut the size of a pencil eraser above my left nipple, and it's not healing. I've been putting triple nipple ointment I have left from when baby was a newborn, on it and noesporin, but it's been there for weeks. I am weaning a little, and can not stand nursing on that side it hurts so bad. I wanted to do baby led weaning, and I work long hours away. When I'm home, lo says she loves nursing, so I don't know of she's ready to be done yet. It doesn't bleed but is open and hurts off n on, shooting-stabbing pain when I try to nurse that side. I may go to docs soon, however last dr app, they began asking when I plan to wean completely. Thank you for your help!!

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    How did the cut happen? Was this from a bite, or did it just pop up spontaneously? If it's from a bite, changing your LO's osition when she's nursing should help the sore heal, and may help regardless because the baby's mouth will be falling in a different area. If the cut appeared spontaneously, you have to think infection, and that may require a trip to the doc. I wonder how efficacious that triple nipple ointment is, if it's over a year old... Can you buy a new tube of bacitracin and try that instead?

    Any symptoms of thrush at this point?

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    Have your doctor write you the attached script for Jack Newman's all purpose nipple ointment.


    Gently splash your nipples with warm salt water (~1tsp salt per cup of water) after most feeds, pat dry, apply a thin layer of all purpose nipple ointment and, if possible, leave your nipples exposed to the air.

    When you nurse, try to have your child positioned in the opposite direction you usually nurse to reduce friction on the cuts.

    These steps can be a PITA, but they helped me resolve two sets of cuts of a similar size to yours after a biting incident. I used them again recently on a new more minor cut, and it healed in 3 days. Expect yours to take 1-2 weeks to scab over effectively. In 3 weeks, you'll be as good as new!! This protocol is definitely worth the effort. It takes about a day to get used to the new habit, and you'll feel immediate relief from the repositioning.

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    Yeouch! I agree with alphawoman, When my baby bit me and I had an injury, it really helped nursing be more comfortable if I reversed the direction of the latch by bringing baby to the breast from a different angle.

    one additional thought - IBCLC Catherine Watson Genna recommends washing injured nipples with mild soap and water 2-3 times a day. More: http://cwgenna.com/nhygiene.html

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