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Thread: 6.5 month old lost weight between appointments

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    Default 6.5 month old lost weight between appointments

    My 6.5 month old son was around 80th percentile for 2/4 month appointments - 14 lbs at 2 months, 17 lbs, 5 oz at 4 months. We went in last week for a visit related to a blocked tear duct at 6.5 months, and he weighed 16 lbs 9 oz.

    There are a couple possibilities - 1. At around 4.5 months was when he stopped really eating at his 10pm feeding. He sleeps 8pm-7am, and started doing that on his own. I was feeding on demand prior to that. 2. It's possible his personality is just different from my daughter, but he just seems incredibly…picky? He is the most content baby, except at feeding time. He is FRANTIC from the moment he sees me after he wakes from a nap to eat. He has to burp a lot because he is so frantic until let down. About 3-4 minutes into one side, he gets frantic again. I try to burp (sometimes he is so frantic he won't), and then switch sides. Sometimes he will switch 2x, but often he will only eat from both sides once. He just refuses to eat more.

    This wasn't a problem at first because he was gaining so much weight. I had an oversupply with my daughter and it seemed that I had the same thing going on with my son…but the weight loss is making me question my supply. I don't know if he was used to super fast flow and now is just getting so frustrated? Once he's finished eating, I give him a pacifier to calm down for a minute (he gets mad when I try to make him eat when he's done.) After about 5 seconds he's immediately calm and super happy.

    Both of my kids sleep a lot, so I am really wary of waking him for more feeds - currently as he is taking naps and waking to eat, he eats 5x/day. When he eats for those 3-4 minutes calmly, I can hear him swallowing. When he's finished I think there is still plenty (if he wanted to continue.) Wet diapers are 4x/day, not super soaked like my daughters were but wet enough to pass 4 TBSP test on kellymom.

    I'm just not sure what to try. My thoughts are - add the 10pm feed back in even though I hate to wake him up, continue to try to eeek every single minute out of each feeding, maybe a bad latch? But how could he have a bad latch when he gained so much weight at the beginning? My gut tells me it's not supply but I still question because I don't know.

    *he does get solids 2x day after full nursing. I'm making sure they are fatty solids like avocado/banana/etc.

    I know this is long…any thoughts would be helpful.

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    Default Re: 6.5 month old lost weight between appointments

    Welcome to the forum!

    There are 2 things that really jump out in your post. First, your baby is sleeping really long periods, and second, your baby is eating just 5x per day. Both of those things can be counterproductive to good weight gain, even when the baby does them spontaneously. So I would immediately try to bring your baby's nursing frequency way up, aiming for a minimum of 8 sessions per day, at least one of which should take place overnight. Why 8? Because on average, that's the number of sessions that a breastfed baby needs in order to get his calorie needs met. Now, many babies need a lot more feedings than that, and a very few babies need less. It's possible that when you had an oversupply, your baby could get by and gain well on just 5 feedings. But your supply at 6 months probably isn't as abundant as it was in early infancy, and your baby probably needs to eat more frequently to make up for the smaller size of the average feeding.

    Please don't worry about waking your sleeping baby. There is nothing- NOTHING!- wrong with being woken to eat. It won't hurt your baby in any way.

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    Default Re: 6.5 month old lost weight between appointments

    Also I'm wondering whether he will be less frantic if his nursing frequency is increased - maybe he's just super hungry by the time he nurses. I agree, don't worry about the sleeping. Having a five or ten minute nursing break is not going to significantly disrupt his sleep time. A lot of babies will nurse instinctively in their sleep, he may not even wake up during the nighttime feedings. Does he sleep with the pacifier at night? Are you swaddling him? If so you might consider not doing those things to see if he will wake up more at night to nurse. Of course we all dream of long nights of uninterrupted sleep, but not at the expense of baby growing, right?

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