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Thread: Recurring problems with right breast

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    I was looking for a little advice about what might be going on with my right breast. I am currently nursing two children, my 28 m/o and my 8 m/o. I never really had any problems with my 28 month old throughout her infancy early childhood. When my second was about 3/3.5 m/o I got my first clogged duct on the right. I was able to clear it up pretty quickly just by letting my oldest go to town on that breast and I thought nothing of it. Then about 2 months later I got another one. The baby was able to get that one out pretty quickly. Soon after the second, however, I noticed that I had a milk blister. With my first I occasionally saw these, and they would clear up after a day or so, so I never though much of it. This one did not go away, and actually lasted for several weeks and started getting rather painful. I did a little research and saw that compression might cause them. I switched to a built in bra in my tank top in stead of a regular bra and after several days it seemed to be healing. Today (maybe a few days after the last of the blister scabs came off), I started feeling that familiar pain when either child first latches on. Around lunch I noticed that in addition to the small blister, which is forming in the exact same place as the last one, I have another clogged duct.

    What is going on here? Is it a latch problem? Aside from the blisters I have not had any latch problems with either girl and do not notice any pain or lipstick nipples. I also do not have any other symptoms of thrush such as pain within the breast/white patches in child/ etc. Do you have any suggestions?

    I am starting to get quite frustrated. I love my nursing relationship with my girls but I am getting tired of perpetual problems.

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    Nursing blisters are like little callouses that seal off a pore on the surface of the nipple, blocking the duct(s) that drain through the pore. They often form in the same place over and over- not necessarily due to a "bad" latch, but due to a minor quirk of how a baby nurses. For example, they often crop up when a baby is teething and is soothing sore gums on mom. Or when mom puts up with a sloppy, sleepy latch for a while.

    Try varying your kids' nursing positions, and don't put up with a marginal latch from either one of them. If a nursing blister forms, and you're getting a plugged duct behind it, then take the usual self-care measures- warm soaks, massage, gentle scrubbing of the nipple surface with a washcloth. And if the blister is persistent don't be afraid to break it with a sterile needle.

    You're nursing 2 kids so you have 2 possible culprits for the blisters. If I had to bet, I'd say it's your 8 month old adjusting her latch due to teething. But it could also be your older nursling fooling around.

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