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Thread: short nursing sessions/oversupply/constant nursing

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    Hi! This is my very first post. I am a first time breastfeeding mom. I exclusively pumped for 9 months with my son who was born prematurely at 29 weeks. This pregnancy I was very fortunate and delivered my daughter via c section at 39+3. Breastfeeding is so challenging she was born at 7lbs 13 ounces and got down to 7lbs even at discharge (she was given 30ml of formula one day and 20 ml over night). 2 days after discharge, she was back up to 7lbs 4 ounces and then a week later was 8lbs 3 ounces. Haven't had a weight check since 2 weeks old, she is now 4 weeks. She is nursing every 1.5-2 hours around the clock. Occasionally, i ewill get one 3 hour stretch. She only nurses on one side for 5-10 minutes so I try to keep her awake and keep her on the same side. She chokes often. How do i know if she's getting enough hind milk? If i am too engorged she wont latch however she is getting better then that. We are always working on the latch bc my nips are still sensitive. I am rrambling but I feel so lost! Not sure what questions to ask. I am so tired! How can I get her to nurse longer? How do i control my let down? When i pump (medela pump in style) i get 140ml after 4-5 minutes. I ttry to not pump but i have to relieve some of my engorgement. Any tips advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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    Hi mama, welcome to the forum!

    It's common for mom to have oversupply early on - nature's way of making sure there is enough. The best thing to do is nurse very frequently, and to use a laid-back nursing position, which helps baby with the flow (also, babies become more adept at dealing with fast flow as they get older, and the oversupply tends to calm down).
    Here's information about laid-back nursing, adjust the position until it is comfortable for you:

    Your baby's pattern of nursing, very frequently, sounds textbook normal, especially for such a young baby. That is not something that needs to be changed.
    Here's information about normal newborn nursing:

    If baby nurses for 5-10 minutes and then falls asleep, what happens if you switch sides at that point? Here are some gentle waking techniques:

    When you feel engorged, you might try hand expression rather than pumping, as it is less stimulating to supply. If you do pump, try to limit it to just a couple minutes. Otherwise you get into a vicious cycle: you are engorged, so you pump, but that increases supply further, leading to more pumping....

    Don't worry about hindmilk and foremilk - all milk is good for your baby. A lot of foremilk can lead to gassiness, very frequent nursing can help with that, but it is not otherwise harmful.

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    with everything above. this all sounds totally normal & healthy for early weeks, with some over production thrown in just to keep things interesting. I am a little worried about the sore nipples, laid back positioning may help with that as well, and there are latch techniques to help baby get a deeper latch such as the breast sandwich. if latch seems to be worse when you are engorged, try reverse pressure softening or hand expressing a little (or both) prior to latching baby.

    Ugh have to run! Kids late for gym. Will post the links later sorry!

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    Ok this looks like it has some different ideas for a more comfortable latch, laid out in a simple manner. and includes a link to more info on reverse pressure softening.
    Remember these are ideas to try, not rules. Every mother and baby fit together in their own unique way. Ultimately you discover what works best for you and your baby.

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    Excellent advice from the PPs.

    I only want to add that fast feedings can be entirely normal when a mom has a lot of milk- and it sounds like you do, because you're getting 140 ml (nearly 5 oz) from only 4-5 minutes of pumping, you're frequently engorged, and your baby is choking while nursing. My second baby had to deal with a monster oversupply and she almost never spent more than 5 minutes nursing.

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