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Thread: Don't touch me!

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    Question Don't touch me!

    Between the nursing, pumping, carrying baby, and toddler crawling on me, I'm feeling completely touched-out. I snapped at my husband this morning for wanting to get fresh with me as I was trying to get into the shower, and the best explanation I have is that I just want to NO HANDS on me for awhile and to take a shower in peace.

    I feel really awful for this because I do work, but when I'm not at work I literally have someone on me 90% of the time. I love nursing my baby (7 mo), but she's still waking up 4+ times a night to nurse, and she's only comfortable co-sleeping.

    When I was nursing my son I remember hearing people say "I just want my body back" and thinking they were completely selfish. I would never stop nursing because of my own feelings, but how do you get past this?

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    Can you and hubby get someone to babysit while you have a date night? Dinner and some baby-free couple time? I feel like that is what my DH and I have been needing, so MIL is watching the baby for a few hours for us on Saturday.

    Also maybe you could ask hubby to romance you in a hands-off way first. Ask him to make you dinner, run you a bath, put on some music for you and give you some time to relax before trying to get some action.

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    I felt that way a lot. I think it's normal and will go away to some degree. Just try to explain to DH what it's like, and try to make time for DH, even if it means planning a bit and mentally preparing. I don't think it's easy for them to understand. And I'm a working mom, too, and work is not at all like a "break," so it can't really count as any sort of alone time or recharge time. It's just animal instinct, I think, to want -- your body is working hard and doing a lot, so giving it to someone else, as well, feels yucky. I'm pregnant again and have a co-worker who's always touching me (she does it with everyone -- it's her way of communicating) and it has been making my skin crawl lately, but she's older and I feel bad making it obvious that I want her to stop it!
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    This is a totally normal feeling! I have a 3 year old and 16 month old and it seems like between them and my husband someone always wants my body or my attention. The only way I get past it is to take a break by myself. I take a 15 min bath after my husband gets home and after we eat dinner. It does help. Or I just tell him I need to hang out by myself at night, he understands. Or like last night I left for a last minute hair cut after he got home because I spent the entire day (and by that I mean I think I had 10 minutes out of like 9 hours) holding someone, nursing someone, or putting the two kids down for naps because they both need help to fall asleep. I felt kind of selfish for leaving but I felt so much better after that break (he put them to bed) that I did more fun things with the kids to day than I have in so long. We made cookies and sand art and everyone was happy
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