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Thread: Slow/No Growth 9 month old

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    Default Slow/No Growth 9 month old

    I need some help evaluating the situation with my 9 month old baby girl.
    She was born 8lbs 8oz at 39 weeks. I had gestational diabetes, so I feel like that caused her to be born heavier than what she might of been otherwise.
    At 6 months she was 25.75" tall, 15lb 6oz, 44 cm head.

    At 9 months she was 16lb 4oz, 25.5" tall (somehow she shrunk .25"), and I forgot the head circumference but I think it was a little bigger.

    Is this growth worrying? She is otherwise happy, meeting (even ahead) of milestones.

    In the beginning, I felt like I had an oversupply until 4 months or so, then it leveled out. But now I do worry if I am not making enough because of her slow growth (and possibly no height growth).
    I seem to make much more milk in the evening/night than I do during the day. I don't do schedules, I nurse on demand and we bedshare at night. She gets unlimited milk during the night as well. I don't count how often she nurses as she is more of a frequent snacker (and very distracted during the day).

    I've weighed her before/after feedings beore and the norm seems to be about 1.5oz per side on a good feed. But at night I have 2 let downs close together on each side, so that might be more than 1.5oz.

    During the day, for example this morning, she never pulled off (nursed to sleep).. and so I know she was waiting for another letdown. At night she pulls off when she is full.
    So, I do question my supply.

    I am tracking her diaper output today to see how many wet diapers she has. But since she has small, frequent meals.. what is a good wet diaper? how many oz should a diaper weigh to count? she can pee several times before a diaper actually needs to be changed.

    Thanks for any help.

    (I want to add that I am a petite gal.. I am 5ft even, so I don't really expect her to be tall/big)

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    Default Re: Slow/No Growth 9 month old

    Welcome to the forum!

    Based on what you've posted, I don't see any reason to be concerned. Your baby is meeting her milestones, you are nursing on demand both day and night (AWESOME!), she is still nicely on the charts albeit at the lower end, your weigh-ins suggest that she is getting around 3 oz at a feeding which is totally average for a breastfed baby, and she's the daughter of a petite mom so it makes sense that she is also petite. You should definitely be looking for her growth to slow as she gets into her second 6 months- most breastfed babies gain rapidly in the first few weeks/months of nursing, and then slow down as they get into the middle of their fist year and start devoting more calories to motion, rather than packing them on as fat. And many if not most babies do drop percentiles as a consequence.

    The change in her length is an artifact of the measurement process. Length is the hardest dimension to measure in a baby- they squirm one way and they gain an inch, they squirm another way and lose an inch! And it's quite possible that someone made an error at one of the check-ups, either in reading the tape or in writing down the measurement. Seriously, it happens all the time!

    Diaper output for a 9 month old can be found here: http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supp...ughmilk-older/. Remember to count poop diapers in the pee diaper count, since most poop diapers are accompanied by some pee.

    I wouldn't worry! Just keep on nursing on demand, and when it's time to start solids, feel free to offer the higher calorie ones- avocado, meats, and beans.

    Did your pediatrician do a blood test for iron and lead (if indicated) at the baby's last check-up? It's surprising how many docs miss those 2 tests!

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