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Thread: nipple sensitivity

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    DS2 is now just over 1 week old - YAY, we have survived the first week!!! DS1 is 6 1/2, so it has been quite a long time since I have nursed a newborn (I nursed DS1 for 3 years). I knew that breastfeeding was, uhm, uncomfortable, at first, but the nipple sensitivity is really getting to me. It is still painful at first latch, although the pain subsides assuming we have a good latch going. My nipples are also still sensitive to touch. At what point should I think something else is going on other than just normal newborn stuff? I'm using lanolin of course, but are there other things I can do to assist with healing?


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    Any risk factors for or symptoms of thrush? I'm thinking things like antibiotics for GBS at the time of birth, a vaginal yeast infection (mom) or oral thrush or diaper yeast rash (baby), nipples appearing more red or pink than normal, dry, flaky, or shiny skin in the nipple area, or small, slit-like cracks. How about evidence of latch problems- nipples emerging from baby's mouth looking squished, creased, ridged, or shaped like a new lipstick? If you're not seeing any of that, nipple soreness/sensitivity in the first week after birth is probably in the realm of normal, but it's certainly something to keep an eye on. If it's getting worse or you find that new symptoms are cropping up, let us know!

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