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Thread: Pediatrician pushing formula to clear up jaundice

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    I explained to her that I had been making sure she gets more hindmilk by nursing from only one breast and/or pumping a little before feeding.
    I would advise against this approach. When jaundice is a problem, you want to increase the volume of the baby's intake. The best way to do this is to offer both breasts at a feeding. If your baby isn't too sleepy, you want to allow her to spend unrestricted time on the first breast- which will give her plenty of time to "reach" the creamier milk that is released as the breast gets emptied (a.k.a. the hindmilk)- and when she finishes the first breast, offer the second as a sort of dessert. If she takes it, awesome. If not, no worries.

    If your baby is particularly sleepy, you may need to be a little more proactive about keeping her alert and feeding when she is at the breast. How would you rate her sleepiness? Is she dozing off very quickly? Or does she stay awake for a nice long time, with lots of active sucking and swallowing?

    ETA: Definitely take the sunny window suggestion from the PP! UV light is nature's biliblanket. If the weather is nice, take your LO out and put her in the sunshine for about 20 minutes, with no sunblock. The window approach is good if the weather is cold, but glass does block a fraction of UV light and that's not what you want.

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    Today, her levels were only a few tenths higher than yesterday. She is pooping very frequently. The rain finally stopped, so we could go out in the sunshine a few times during the day. The pediatrician wants us back on Saturday. Hopefully with all this, we will finally reach levels that get her off my back!

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    I hated those heel sticks, but my lo made it through with lots of nursing, 1 day under lights and sitting by a window in New England in January. I had to wake her up a lot and ended up seeing a lactation consultant to be sure she was effective nursing. 7 days later we were able to stop the heel sticks and now she's a healthy 2 year old. Formula for a bf baby is a medical intervention as mentioned by pp. Hope you can protect that virgin gut. Good luck, my thoughts are with you.

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    I think it may be a good to look for a new pediatrician as she seems very anti BF. Do you have any pediatricians that have LCs as part of their practice? They might be more receptive to BF solutions first. My LO had a level of 12 and had lost 9% of his body weight and formula was never mentioned as an option. Hope the sun works some extra magic for you as well!

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    Hi I hope things are going better for you and baby. Lots of pooping is really good news! I agree with mommal, no need to worry about hindmilk. Just nurse lots, all your milk is perfect for your baby.
    Have you read Dr. Jack Newman's article on jaundice in the breastfed infant? It might give you more info and support for your choices.

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    Default Re: Pediatrician pushing formula to clear up jaundice

    I just wanted to share our experience since we just dealt with jaundice this week. DD was born Sun morning. Mon morning, the ped thought she was starting to look a little jaundiced. Our dr doesn't do hospital rounds, so this was just the on-call ped at a hospital that is not BF-friendly, so we had no idea what to expect.

    Mon, her level was 9.2, so we took a wait and see approach.
    Tues, her level spiked to 13.7. Ped said normally they start light treatment at 14, but because of the huge spike, he wanted to be more proactive, so we started lights. He also said 14 is where we normally start talking about formula, but she was pooping well, though not really peeing yet, so he was confident my milk was starting to come in, and didn't think we needed formula yet.
    Wed, her level was down to 11.4, so they delayed discharge as long as they could (I think this was an issue with me staying and insurance) to keep her on lights. We got the whole lecture about him not wanting to have to re-admit her. But formula was never mentioned again. We stayed until 5 PM.
    Thurs her levels were down to 9.3.

    For the record, my milk started really coming in Wed night/Thurs morning. Anyway, I hope it helps to hear how our experience went. I think we got very lucky with a BF-friendly ped. Hope your DD is doing better by now.

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