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Thread: 5 month old rejecting left breast. Please help!

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    Unhappy 5 month old rejecting left breast. Please help!

    Hello all, my baby is crying every time I offer him my left breast -which no long ago was his favorite side - I'm really concerned!

    Here's what's happening:

    Yesterday I noticed a really hard area on my left breast. It has almost as big as half of the breast and it was painful to the touch. I called my doctor and she suggested that I had a plugged duct. So I started using a hot pack for several minutes at the time and massaging the affected breast to try to "dissolve" the hard area. My 5 month old baby was nursing form both sides, but I started to pay extra attention to the left one, since I wanted his help sucking to unplug the duct. He really helped.

    Last night I felt feverish, feeling cold and my body was aching. My body temp was slightly higher than normal 99.5 F, but it didn't go higher than that. So I decided to rest and go to sleep. My baby continued to nurse normally.

    Today I felt A LOT better, the lump in my breast was almost gone - and it never turned pink - so I kept applying the hot pack and massaging the breast. It all helped.
    My breast feels softer and a lot better now but it is still a little tender.

    The thing is that around 4pm today my baby started crying - which is really rare- every time I tried to feed him from the affected breast, as if he wasn't receiving enough milk and he was hungry. I kept trying to feed him from that side in order to clear the lump, but he continued crying, so I switched to the other breast. That seemed to help, since he started drinking and stopped crying. He acted like that 2 times more.

    Before he went to sleep I decided to give him a bottle of previously frozen breast milk because I was worried that he wasn't eating enough. He drank the 4 oz -he complain a little bit- but he drank it all and then I nursed him a little bit too. Again, he wasn't happy with my left breast.

    Around midnight he woke up crying - a lot more than usual and acted really hungry. Which is unusual too- I tried again to feed him with the left breast, he drank a little bit from it and he continued crying until I switched him to the other breast. He stopped crying and feel asleep, but he seems hungry to me, as he wasn't getting enough breast milk

    This has never happened to me before. I have had a plugged duct in the past but the affected area was smaller and my baby never complain about it, so right now I'm really concerned wondering if he is getting enough milk and what should I do to keep my milk supply.

    My baby has been breastfed 100% since he was born and I would like to keep it that way, but I'm afraid about tomorrow, I don't want him to be hungry and I just have 4 oz left from my freezer supply - since I stopped pumping some months ago.

    Additional information - After giving him the bottle today I pumped, but I could only get 2 Oz (1 from each side) - which tells me that I'm producing milk, it is just that my baby is rejecting it?

    He is having 5 wet diapers a day, but they are specially wet before 3 pm, after 3 pm he has only 1 or 2 slightly wet diapers.

    He hasn't pooped in the last 2 days, which is not completely abnormal -since it has happened several times before.

    We just went to see his pediatrician last week and she told me he was gaining enough weight.

    Please help me! I don't know how to help my little one and I don't want him to be hungry

    9:00 am actualization: Baby still cries when I tried to feed him from the left breast. He seems to eat from the right. I tried to pump the left one and I got anything out
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    Default Re: 5 month old rejecting left breast. Please help!

    I had this happen before. What happened was, baby starts eating from the side that recently had a plugged duct and the milk is fine. Once he's eaten for a few minutes and the plug starts to wear away, the milk that was stuck all that time starts being released. Now since that milk is fattier, it can be saltier too and I once tried it! I pumped after a plugged duct was basically resolved and the milk from that side was salty. As in meat salty! Really! No wonder my baby kept rejecting that side after a few minutes of nursing. What I suggest is to try tasting that milk right after baby pushes away. Then if it's salty or bad-tasting, pump or hand express that side after you baby refuses it so you'll bring out that salty stuff.

    Btw, it's a good sign - shows your plug has loosened up and the milk is coming out again.

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    Default Re: 5 month old rejecting left breast. Please help!

    Thank you for your advice. You were right

    Things are back to normal now and he is nursing from both sides again


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