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Thread: Breast redness - oversupply?

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    Default Breast redness - oversupply?

    Hi there! This is my first post here but I have been lurking ever since I brought my 6 week old DD home.

    The past few nights I have noticed that my breasts are turning pinkish red all over. It's usually a bit after DD has fallen asleep for the night, so I am feeling rather full, but not uncomfortable. There's no pain, or hard spots on the breast, just noticeably red all over the breast. Two nights ago it was just the left one, last night both.

    I have been wondering if I have a bit of an oversupply issue. Though I've never felt painfully engorged, even in the beginning, she has some symptoms that may point that way - DD coughs and chokes regularly, latches on and off repeatedly while fussing in the evenings, foamy poops, more than the expected wet diapers, burps like an adult, and seems to be gaining weight quickly (lowest was 7lb 1oz at 3 days old, 7lb 9oz at 6 days, 10lb 2oz at 1 month). Could the redness be another sign of that? Or is it normal? Symptom of something else? I am finding nothing about it online, only info about mastitis, which I don't suspect here. FYI, it is gone now. Seems to just be an evening thing. Thanks in advance!

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    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new baby!

    What you're describing is a new one for me. When a mom talks about redness, my first thought is mastitis. But with mastitis you'd probably have lumps and pain and perhaps fever, and it probably wouldn't crop up at the same time every day. I'm thinking that maybe this is some sort of transient inflammation related to your breasts being relatively full... But that's really just a guess! Are you a very pale-skinned person? That could make any increased blood flow a lot more visible, and there is something called rusty pipe syndrome which is caused by vascular engorgement related to breastfeeding- but that's not supposed to last more than a week or so into breastfeeding, and it causes reddish milk which you probably would have noticed.

    If this isn't causing any problems- no discomfort, no mastitis symptoms- then I'd simply keep an eye on it. Most likely it will pass with time. And if you're feeling full, don't be afraid to wake the baby and feed her. In fact, I wonder what would happen if you tried that when the redness cropped up. It would be interesting to see if nursing made it go away.

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    I agree with mommal. No harm in nursing baby (or hand expressing a bit if baby is too conked out to want to nurse) to see if it goes away. Shorter periods between nursing sessions should help with the forceful letdown/overproduction issues anyway. If you are someone with a high 'storage capacity', you may be able to get quite full without feeling very uncomfortable.

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