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Thread: Help! my milk is less every day

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    That's a good idea, it's important for the flanges to fit right.

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    have your returned to work full time?

    Are you able to add in another pump session at work? you should be pumping as much as the baby would be nursing to make sure you tell your body to keep up it's supply. And make sure your pumping sessions are atleast 10-15 min ea. To get your supply up again I'd suggest pumping a few minutes longer than you feel you are "done" to tell your body to increase its supply.

    I know that electric pumps are more expensive but they are also much more efficient. And in the long run will be cheaper than if you had to change over to buying formula. Check with your insurance, some plans cover the cost of them now thru the women's health care act.

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    Or you might consider looking into a double electric pump on ebay - people who get them for free from their insurance and aren't using it for whatever reason are likely to sell it and make money off it, and they're cheaper than walking into a store and buying one. I got a brand new one a few months ago for $45.
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