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Thread: Help! Breast soreness!

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    Hello everyone! This is my first post and I'm desperately in need of help!

    My LO is almost 6 months and he takes expressed breast milk in a bottle and the breast. We've had no problems so far, but about two weeks ago, I noticed increased nipple soreness and after reading about my symptoms, I self-diagnosed myself with nipple thrush. The pain has been so intense during and after feedings. It feels like a thousand little needles stabbing into my nipple and breast and radiates around to my shoulder. I did notice flaky-like skin and redness as well. I went to my pharmacist and got Gentian Violet (1%) and treated both nipples and also baby's mouth. I used this for about two-three days along with some homemade nipple cream. I also used some coconut oil. My left breast has gotten remarkably better, but my right seems worse.

    About three days ago I noticed an open area on my breast on the nipple. It looks like a gash, and it has been draining as well. I've been using Triple Antibiodic Ointment on it between feedings. My supply has dwindled and my let down is taking remarkably longer than usual. From my good breast (the left) I am only pumping 2 oz out at a time (after around 5 hours of no nursing) and the right is about 4 (the right was always the better supplier.)

    Baby has some issues with GERD and throwing up. He throws up several times after nursing so sometimes when he is nursing he lashes around on my breast and to make matters worse he likes to grab my breasts and pinch and knead them like crazy.

    I'm crying right now writing this because I'm just so frustrated and ready to give up. I was only able to pump 6 oz. today to send with him to daycare and I'm going to be gone nine hours from him tomorrow. Its just not enough. They asked me today if they would like me to supplement him with formula, but I just feel like such a failure if that happens. Someone please help. I desperately need some advice!

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    I don't have advice, sorry, but just wanted to say that even if your baby is supplemented for a few days while your supply comes back up, it is NOT the end of the world!! Really. Your baby will forgive you for it, don't worry.

    Have you seen a doctor about this? Maybe your health care provider can better diagnose what's wrong with your nipples. You may need an antibiotic.
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    Hi thisbabiesmama,
    How are things going now?
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