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    I am trying to exclusively nurse my 5th child. ALl of my other kids were formula fed with some supplemented bm. But this time I have an extended maternity leave and I'm determine to do this. I pump when i have to go out and nurse when I"m home which is most of the time.

    Next week I have a work related meeting that will run from 4-7. With travel time I will likely be away from my little guy from about 3-8. This may be a very silly question, but since I won't be nursing or pumping during this time, will my supply be impacted? Should I bring my pump before I start my commute home?

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    5 hours is a fairly long time to go without nursing or pumping. Even though this is just a one-time extended separation, there's a chance that you could experience a drop in supply, and a very good chance that you could reach the end of your meeting very, very uncomfortable from being overfull! At a minimum, I would pump in the car immediately before and right after the meeting, and if you can pump during the meeting, that would be great but is probably not required, as the meeting itself is only 3 hours long.

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    5timemom are you having any milk production issues now? I am not clear if you are exclusively nursing now or having to supplement right now? Also my answer would depend a bit on how old baby is.

    Basically I agree with mommal. 5 hours may give milk production a slight hit, but (depending on where your production is now) that may or may not be enough to really matter and in any case, frequent nursing should bring it right back. I would agree the more pressing concern is your comfort. The last thing you want is to risk engorgement, plugs, mastitis......
    If you absolutely must be away from baby for 5 hours and WON'T be able to pump for that time, I suggest, hand express as needed. https://www.llli.org/docs/0000000000...expression.pdf

    This is a good question, not silly!

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    Is this the sort of meeting they are likely to take a break during? If so I would say bring the pump just in case and if you are starting to feel overly full, pump during the break even if just for a few minutes. Actually in any case, bring the pump just in case for your own health/comfort.

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