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Thread: Weaning and Nursing Strike?

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    Default Weaning and Nursing Strike?

    My little guy turns one on Monday (yay--made it to 1 year of breastfeeding!), and I've started to pump wean at work. I dropped my evening pumping about a month ago and am down to two pumping sessions at work.

    My question is about nursing. LO has a good appetite for solids, but used to nurse enthusiastically right when he woke up each morning and right when we got home from work/daycare. Now, he's getting fussy and seems to want to eat solids instead of nursing in the evening. I had to pump before bed last night because he did not nurse enough.

    Then, this morning, he only nursed for a little bit on one side. In the past, he would happily nurse for 30 minutes or more in the morning.

    Not sure what to do. I don't want to pump to replace these sessions because that feels like moving in the wrong direction. Also, I was hoping to maintain a nursing relationship even after pump weaning at work. I know that I have sufficient supply because my breasts feel very full and are leaking in the morning when I wake up.

    Any thoughts or tips?

    Thank you--these forums have been a huge help over the past year and have helped me stay motivated when things were tough!

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    Default Re: Weaning and Nursing Strike?

    Congrats on a year of nursing! That's great!

    I think at this point I would treat it as a strike (or at least a partial strike) and use back-to-breast techniques. Things like taking a bath together, having the breasts "available" (for example, playing with him topless, but being very low-key/casual about nursing) or some of the other suggestions in this article:


    In terms of pumping, I think you definitely want to stay comfortable and make sure you don't get engorged/plugged ducts/mastitis. How actively you want to maintain supply is up to you. If the strike goes on for a while, and you dramatically cut back on pumping to the point that your milk supply does drop significantly, that may make LO less enthusiastic about nursing. So at least in the short term it may be worth trying to maintain your supply to some extent, though I completely understand wanting to get rid of the pump!

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    Default Re: Weaning and Nursing Strike?

    Don't know if you are already doing this, but at around 1 year, I had to do all our nursing sessions in the glider, in a darkened room (only his bedroom) with the noise machine going. I could pretty much only nurse him before or after sleeping, when he was drowsy and would nurse for a little while. Otherwise, he just got too distracted. Actually, at 17mo, we are still only nursing in ONE place and never anywhere else. When we travel, I have to recreate our nursing nest.
    Good luck!

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