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Thread: Nursing strike or done?

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    Default Nursing strike or done?

    My son is 18 months.

    At 16 months, he stopped bedsharing and slept better by himself in a crib. He hasn't nursed in 1 month. Is that a nursing strike or is he done? He gets very upset when I offer the breast.

    I did not breastfeed my 1st son beyond a week so I don't know if this is typical or not. He is my last baby, would a baby be done so soon?

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    Default Re: Nursing strike or done?

    I guess the question at this point is, would you be interested in continuing to nurse? If you are, you could try back-to-breast techniques. Things like taking a bath together, or playing with him topless, or some of the other techniques mentioned in this article:


    The age range at which children wean varies. 18 months is on the younger side but certainly not unheard of. It's also possible that this started off as a strike and then evolved into weaning.

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