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Thread: Back to work, losing supply

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    I just started back to work last week. I pump about every three hours during my shift, and have noticed a drop of about 2-3 ounces in the amount I'm able to get. I did start freezing before I started back, and I nurse on demand while at home, but I'm worried I won't be able to finish out the year bf-ing if this continues. I've been walked in on twice while pumping, and interrupted many times at home...could this also affect the amount I'm able to pump?

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    It's very common for moms to experience a drop in supply when pumping. The best things to do are to make sure your pump is in tip-top working order, to pump more if you are falling short on milk, to nurse at night, and to make sure your baby isn't being overfed at daycare (daytime overfeeding can lead to less nursing when baby is home with mom). If you can't pump more when at the office, add in some extra sessions when you're home with baby. If your baby sleeps through the night, try to wake him at some point to feed- more calories taken in at night means less need for them during the day. And if your baby is overeating at daycare, talk to the daycare workers about paced feeding and bottle amounts for breastfed babies.

    Getting walked in on while pumping is an occupational hazard, and while it's embarrassing it doesn't usually hurt supply- unless the mom is getting so stressed and anxious about it that she can't let down for the pump. Maybe it's time to talk to someone in the office about a key for the door? Or stop by the hardware store and pick up a doorstop that you can wedge underneath the door, preventing people from barging in.

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    The doorstop idea is great! I never thought of it. Thank you!

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    Could there be another reason for the dip? Return of menstruation, stress at work in general, pregnancy, etc. I found that when things at work were particularly stressful and around that time of the month I had a dip. Might be coincidence of timing.
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    How long are you pumping for? Some moms find they can get a second letdown by extending their pumping session. Breast compressions/massage while pumping can also help squeeze out another ounce. How many hours are you apart from baby, and how many ounces of milk is baby drinking in that time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*singermommy View Post
    The doorstop idea is great! I never thought of it. Thank you!
    That is such a clever idea! I need to get one too
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