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Thread: Weaning with strong willed 21 month old

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    Hi everybody, we've made it much further weaning than i ever thought we would and i am so proud! (But....) i am ready to be done! My son is pretty okay without nursing if I'm not around, but still wakes about three times a night to nurse and i feel like if we cut out nursing, sleeping better is sure to follow. Also, my boobies have just had it! I feel so sensitive at this point and i just want to lock em up forever at this point! So the problem is, i stay at home and any attempts to put off nursing by me result in Finn crying until i either give in or literally forever, there is no end, there is no cry it out(which i am not a fan of anyways) he does fall asleep in the stroller if he is dead tired(thankfully the weather is letting up) but the weather isn't perfect every day! So anyways...any suggestions? Anybody have a similar situation? My little boy is so sweet except for when it comes to "babies" as he calls them, then all hell breaks loose!!

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    When you say your breasts are sensitive, what do you mean? Sometimes increased sensitivity correlates with pregnancy, or with thrush (a common cause of pain when mom has had many months of trouble-free nursing).

    It sounds like your primary problem is night-nursing. How is day-nursing going? Is that more tolerable? I'm kind of wondering what might happen if you allowed more nursing during the day and really focused your energies on night-weaning.

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    well i mean my nipples, more than my breasts, its like they're over worked.(i couldn't be pregnant-i have an IUD so maybe a combo of hormones and feeling used) i have no suspicion of thrush either. just a bit of teeth gritting sometimes, a little annoying as bad as i feel admitting it!

    the day nursing comes and goes, he always nurses before his naps, and sometimes nurses all days, sometimes only at nap time. Ive tried to nurse more during the day, but then we just end up nursing all day AND night! lol i feel like ive tried everything and would really prefer not to go cold turkey, so im trying to take my time and think but again, anytime *I* try to make any changes it just results in him crying and crying until he either settles into a very unhappy mood, or nurses ahh!

    thank you so much for talking to me!

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