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Thread: My son nurses 6-10 times at night

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    @Mommal: Thankfully the clock is a non-issue. I can't see the one on my SO's nightstand without my glasses and the bed is pushed against the wall on my side. No clock unless I check my iPad; which I try not to.

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    My daughter needed to nurse even more frequently than that at night, up until she was about 13 months or so. What helped me: cosleeping, side lying nursing, NEVER EVER looking at the clock or counting wakings, going to sleep with the baby (that is, actually sleeping, not just laying there doing other things if baby went to sleep "early"). Knowing that it was normal helped me a lot, and really working to put a positive spin on the wakings helped a lot, too!
    Apologies for the short responses! I'm usually responding one-handed on my smartphone!

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    While my son was certainly always a frequent night nurser, I agree with meg 's suggestion to play with the environment. I found ds slept best in a cool setting (ceiling fan worked well for us), wearing only a cotton onesie or shirt. He absolutely could not sleep in anything polyester. He was terribly sensitive to noise/light when younger so dh had to give up tv in bed. One night I'd forgotten to take his socks off so he woke up every 20-45 minutes until I realized it and took them off. It's worth paying around with.
    Things improved slowly over the first two years. We'd have patches of great sleep, then weeks of hourly waking with teething or milestones. There was a patch around 18 months that was honestly worse than the newborn stage since I had a toddler to chase all day! But he started using sentences shortly thereafter and sleep has gotten much better. Still nursing once at night at 3 yrs but that's doable and he sleeps through his little brother wailing right next to him thankfully. I just waited it out and took a lot of naps. I knew I'd been a frequent waker as a baby but am a solid sleeper as an adult so I had a lot of faith.

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