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Thread: Nursing After Frenectomy

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    Default Nursing After Frenectomy

    We saw the dentist today and was told that our LO had both tt/lt and we went ahead and had the laser frenectomy. I was under the impression that would be able to nurse right after the procedure but she just kind of held her mouth opened and wouldn't close it. The dentist said that this was due to the numbing gel. Once home she screamed, A LOT, and finally would let me put my breast in her mouth. She would very lightly suck and alternate that with crying. She went to sleep for a while and now woke up screaming again and refused to nurse. Any experiences with this? My biggest fear was that the procedure would impact nursing. We had few problems prior to procedure (reflux, not flanging lips, nursing a lot) but latch was good and it was painless. Should I keep offering breast? She is getting angry when I offer it.

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    Keep offering in as low-pressure a way as possible. Just put it near her and let her decide when to latch. Do lots of skin-to-skin cuddling.

    I'm sorry that the immediate aftermath of the frenectomy has been so rough on you and baby!!!

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    hi amberdawn, how is it going now? I agree with mommal important to keep trying. Sometimes babies get traumatised even by simple procedures and go on mini nursing strikes. vaccinations, blood draws, circumcisions, even just separations from mom, or severely stressful days may cause this in some babies. It's temporary.

    My understanding is that baby may need to learn to nurse with the new freedom of movement he has. So that may be going on too. Also maybe milk flow is less (or more) than baby prefers as he figures this out. I suggest that if things are still not going well, contact the dentist. He or she may have exercises to suggest.

    You may find the suggestions in this article helpful, especially the instant reward techniques? http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/

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    So sorry you are going through this. I went through it and know it is very very stressful.

    It will get better. The first day or two after revision were the worst and it took about 2 weeks to feel sort of normal again.

    Any chance you have oversupply or overactive letdown? it sounds like the symptoms you were experiencing prior to revision *could* have been due to that. As the baby refuses to nurse, your breasts may be filling up and when she does latch she may be getting blasted. If you think this is the case maybe you can hand express or manually pump some off before latching her. You might also want to try to dream feed her, feed her in a laid back position when she is sleeping or drowsy. If it upsets her just try again later. I would also suggest skin to skin and wearing her in a sling or wrap (not sure how old she is?). Hope things are better now or will be very very soon.

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