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Thread: relactation, how does it works?

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    hi all! im new on this forums and been reading a lot but i have some questions, not really for me but for my sister in law.
    She had her daughter on november and was able to breast feed her for only 3 weeks when she had Deep Vein Thrombosis on one of her legs, at the hospital she had to take a lot of medicine (that im not really sure what it was) but was forced to stop breast feeding (they actually gave her some pills to dry out her milk completly) so now, 4 months after all of that she is not taking any meds, do you think she can get her milk runiing again? how does one do that exctly? any advices? we were really sad about her not breastfeeding and still are, any chances on her getting it back will be great

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    It's never too late to start producing milk again. The way is works is that stimulation to the breast by a nursing baby or a pump sends a signal to the pituitary gland, which then pumps out a hormone called prolactin which causes the breast to produce milk. So any time a mom desires to make milk or to make more milk, what she wants to do is to nurse or to pump frequently, aiming for 8-12 times in a 24 hour period. If the baby will not nurse, the mom should use an excellent pump, preferably a hospital-grade rental with correctly sized shields. She should also be patient. Getting a milk supply back means investing a lot of time and effort!

    It sounds like you're really interested in relactation- but how does your sister in law feel? This can be a really sensitive subject for a lot of moms, so I suggest approaching this very gently. Your SIL has been through a lot, and she might not feel like investing more time and energy into breastfeeding.

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    thanks this gives me hope. about her feelings its complicated. she and me actually got pregnant at the same time and we have shared almost every experience, when she was forced to stop breastfeeding she was really upset, i offered her to try and share mine but she was kinda set on providing for her own daughter even if it had to be formula but i know not beeing able to breastfeed is something that has beeing very frustrating and sad for her
    I wanted to investigate first if there is hope for her to get it back, now that you told me there is options im trying to figure out how to introduce the subject to see if this is something she wants to try... i know its a very delicate subject and im not quite sure yet how to inform her so she can make the decition

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