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    Hi all! im new at this forum and im worried, i just recently got back to work and im struggling to continue breastfeeding my 2 month old baby. In my maternity leave i was unable to do a milk storage so pretty much we live day by day i pump at work and he eats it the next day.
    The problem is that i have to travel for work (i was not aware of this until today) next week, i will be away from my baby for 3 days and im not sure what can i do. Will he be alright with 3 days of formula while im away? what do i have to do to keep my milk supply fine during this 3 days? and apart from that i will not have acess to a frezzer or refrigarator in this 3 days since work only pays for a hotel room without a refrigarator so any ideas on how to conserve the milk?

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    You'll need to pump while you are away, ideally at least 8 times/24 hours. What kind of work trip is this? I've been to a number of conferences while nursing. Some were at hotels where I could go back to my room periodically to pump, other times it's been at large convention centers, so I talked to the convention center staff to find out where I could pump. Usually people are helpful once asked in terms of helping find a place to pump. Also at airports.

    I think if you are mostly nursing then a few days of formula is not going to cause long-lasting harm to your baby. That's really annoying that they gave you such short notice, though.

    In terms of keeping your milk cold, during one of my trips I also did not have a refrigerator in the room and I asked in the lobby whether I could store my milk in the hotel restaurant refrigerators. They agreed to do that. At that same hotel, I also had them store my ice packs in their freezer and I would get them in the morning for storing the milk I was pumping during the day at the convention center. Also, a colleague with 4 kids told me that she asked the hotel to provide a mini-fridge for her since she was also pumping and storing milk and they did that at no charge. Never hurts to ask!

    Are you going to be traveling by air or by car?

    Also do you want to go into more details about what you mean by "struggling to continue breastfeeding"? If you are having trouble with your pumping output we might be able to give you some ideas. Useful information would be: how often you pump, how long, what kind of pump, how often baby is nursing when you are together, whether baby is nursing at night, how much milk baby is drinking while you are at work (how many ounces per bottle and how many bottles) .

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    thanks for your advices! the idea on using the hotel restaurant refrigerators is great now my concern is that the travel is by car, is not that much of a long drive is about 3 or 4 hours apart, so if i store the milk on the refrigarators, getting back to my home can i just use a cooler to get it back and it will conserve fine? im going to be in conferences all day in a convention center but im sure i can find a place to pump (or i can just do it at the car)
    i have been struggling because my baby and i were use to beeing together all the time but now i think he is getting anxious for the separation (and i feel even worse with the news of me having to travel all of the sudden) so he wants to be nursing all night long (before i got back to work nights were actually getting really easy he just woke up one time around 4 am to eat and then will wake up at 8) and since i got back he is unable to sleep without beeing attached to me for more than an hour, as soon as he feels i put him down he wakes up and starts crying so im exahusted. at work i can pump 1 or 2 times a day depending on how much work do i have, usually im only able to pump once a day for 30 min and i get around 6 or 7 Oz, i use a manual pump and as long as we are together my baby has been nursing (again he cries when he is not nursing, at the most he can be one hour away right now)

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    Do you have insurance? They will provide you with a hospital grade double electric breast pump FREE OF CHARGE, no copay or anything. I was provided with a Hygenia pump (amazing!) and this LLL membership (which came with my pump) by my insurance. They have to by law provide you with a pump. Maybe this could help some! If you can get through this period you will have a great back supply of milk and you will no longer be going day to day, so thats exciting! You can do it! My little one is going through the same thing since I have gone back to work, he started only waking up once a night about two weeks before I returned to work but now he is up 2-3 times. He was waking up more frequently than that but I started swaddling him again and that seems to help, I also started getting us to bed by about 9, it feels weird to only get about three hours with him before bed, but we are getting extra time in the middle of the night. I know you are exhausted, I am too! I just try to constantly remind myself to enjoy the bonding time with him because its all going by so fast and one day he won't need me like this anymore. One of my coworkers wisely stated "you can sleep when you're dead!"
    Mama to Sebastian Born 2/13/14

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    I think it's really normal for baby to nurse a lot at night, he wants to be with you. Are you co-sleeping? That helps a lot of moms deal with the frequent waking. Even if you don't want to co-sleep, bringing baby to bed with you to nurse and nursing in a side-lying position so you can kind of doze while baby nurses. Also, all that nighttime nursing is GREAT for maintaining your supply.

    How long is your workday? Unless you are working just a few hours a day most mothers cannot maintain a full supply with pumping once a day. And definitely look into getting a double electric pump, it's a lot quicker to pump with a double electric and then maybe you can do more pumping sessions to better maintain your supply. Otherwise is there a supervisor you can talk to about getting more pumping breaks? Also, depending on the kind of work you do, there are some kinds of work you can do with a hands-free setup (for example, doing work on a computer).

    Your milk should be fine in a cooler pack for a 3-4 hour drive home. Here are milk storage guidelines:

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    well im actualyl from Mexico and im not sure we can get those breast pumps here :/ i really dont think so but im going to try and get an electric one somehow snice im planing on breastfeeding as long as i can, i see your little boy's name is Sebastian and he was born on the 13th... my babys name is Sebastian too full name Sebastian Sol and he was born on february the 3rd i just tought it was a funny coincidence, thanks for your advices! hopefully we can get trough this fine, the good thing is i dont have to travel any more for another 6 months y madem y boss promisse that

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