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Thread: pumping at work - no fridge

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    Question pumping at work - no fridge

    Okay, I will be pumping at a new work location starting Monday. I am lucky enough to have a new boss that will let me use a spare office in our area rather than have to travel to a different building for the designated lactation room. YAY!!

    Question: I will not have a fridge in the spare office. I live in Arizona so it's already hotter than hades. I don't want my milk going bad. I know in the ice pack it is technically okay for 24 hours, however, if the packs are out for the 10 hours I'm gone plus then driving home in my 100+ degree heat, is it really going to stay cold enough?

    Suggestions and tips please

    Also, how do you handle hand washing when you don't have a sink in the pump space? I'm a little ocd with it and always wash and don't touch anything else but my flanges til I'm done pumping. I guess goin to the bathroom to wash hands right before pumping is best?

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    Default Re: pumping at work - no fridge

    If your office and car are air conditioned I would not worry too much about that. My ice pack is out of the freezer for 12-13 hours/day and I have been fine. If there is no AC or you are still concerned could you invest in a portable electric cooler. They have ones that plug into car lighters and there are adapters for plugging them into the wall. That way you could keep it plugged in while at work and in the car.
    As to the hand washing I would wash your hands right before pumping and bring hand wipes or hand sanitizer with you to the room where you will be pumping so you can wipe them off before you begin. (And I am making this suggestion because you are concerned-not because I think it is necessary. I understand the need for calming OCD tenancies where possible but I do think washing your hands before you begin would be sufficient.)
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