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Thread: new mom and confused with feeding

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    Default new mom and confused with feeding

    I'm a new mom and my baby is almost 3 weeks old.

    I'm so confused about the proper way or best way to feed my son.
    My baby was born at 37 weeks via c-section. When I was still in the hospital I was exclusively breastfeeding every 2 hours thinking he was getting enough. My baby's weight dropped 9.5% by the third day. So I saw a lactation consultant and she said baby is latching well and seems to be swallowing good too. But when I tried to pump to evaluate how much milk I have considering baby had no poop on 2nd day, I was only able to get 2 ml at that time. So they had me supplement with formula. Over the last 2 weeks, I've been giving him 2 oz expressed breastmilk or formula (when my milk supply is low), afterwhich I let him latch for as long as he wants until he falls asleep which is just anywhere from 5-10 mins. Problem is lately my milk seems to be slowing down that I've been supplementing with formula more and more. I considered not pumping at all, but my baby falls asleep easily while at the breast so I'm concerned about how much milk he is able to take in. How long do u breastfeed and how often? Do u have a set schedule say 15 mins each breast (total 30) every 3 hours day/night? When do you start demand feeding? Is it best to nurse first then pump whatever is left? I just wanna be able to have more milk supply to give my baby.

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    Default Re: new mom and confused with feeding

    Hi and welcome to the forum. Congratulations on your new baby.
    So speaking generally, during the newborn period, it is typical for a breast-fed baby to nurse at least 10 and up to around 15 and sometimes more times for 24 hours. Typical feedings at the breast, baby will take in somewhere between one and 3 ounces by this age.
    I don't know how many times the day you were supplementing baby 2 ounces each time, but my suspicion is that it is possible you are overfeeding baby with supplements. This happens very often when mothers are not giving good breast-feeding support from the get-go. So it's not your fault. But a 2 ounce supplemental feeding is going to fill a baby up, and make it much more likely that they will not nurse as much as would be normal. The way milk production works, is that the more often milk is removed from the breasts, the better the milk production.
    So when supplements are needed, mom should be pumping to make up for those supplemental feedings.
    So my questions are, have you been pumping and if so how many times each day? Also what kind of pump is it and is it a new pump? What kind of output are you seeing now each time you pump?
    Also how many times each day is baby given the supplement with a bottle?
    And how many times each day does baby nurse?
    Obviously these all may vary if so please just give me the averages.

    Also I think it is always important to understand that how much you pump does not adequately demonstrate how much milk you actually make.
    Also it is important to understand that just because the baby takes what is in a bottle, does not necessarily mean the baby needs that extra feeding. Or needs as much as they are taking.

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    Default Re: new mom and confused with feeding

    And no, typically it is not best to time baby at the breast. Many newborns need to nurse much longer than others. On the other hand, if it is believed that baby is not getting enough milk at the breast, switch nursing, in other words encouraging baby to switch sides several times during the feeding, is often a good technique to help with that.

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    Default Re: new mom and confused with feeding

    with LLLMeg. Especially regarding the timing of feedings!

    WRT demand feeding, you want to feed on demand from the very beginning as long as that means the baby is nursing enough- which, as LLLMeg said, is generally around 10-12 times a day. However, due to issues like prematurity, sleepiness, or jaundice, some babies cannot be fed on demand because they won't nurse enough if left to their own devices. With non-demanding babies, you want to feed the baby more often than he/she seems to want.

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    Default Re: new mom and confused with feeding

    This is exactly what we had to do. Seb was jaundice so I always had to rally him to feed at first-for us that usually consisted of a diaper change or if we got desperate I would wet a wash cloth and wipe his arms and legs. Are you feeding skin to skin-which is to say, are you taking your top and bra off and taking all his clothing off? That was an important step for us and really helped my production! Hang in there, we are 2 months in and everything is now going perfectly, he is gaining well and I don't have to supplement at all!

    Also, don't be discouraged by how much you pump. Its not an accurate way of judging how much milk your baby is getting-he is much better at getting milk from your breast than a machine! Again, you are doing a great job! You can do this!!
    Mama to Sebastian Born 2/13/14

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