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    Since 2 weeks our baby cries all day long (not during the night) At first dr thought it was reflux, tried zantac without any changes. Now they want him to see a GI dr because he could be having problems digesting breastmilk. His stools are pure water and very much projectile. They said there should be somewhat of a substance to them and they shouldn't all absorb into the diaper. My question is, can I do anything to help this? I've already tried cutting out dairy without luck. I hate for him to be unable to digest my milk properly.

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    Here is an interesting article on ways to naturally improve your baby's digestive health:


    Also, if he has not been checked for tongue-tie, he should be checked. If he has been checked and none was found, it wouldn't hurt to seek a second opinion just in case.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    How has your baby's weight gain been? How many times per day does he nurse? Anything else going on that strikes you as out of the ordinary? And how old is your baby now?

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    Hi Tara, welcome to the forum. I am so sorry you are having such a hard time, an constantly upset baby is very hard on mom. Mommal has some good questions that I hope will tell us more.

    It is extremely rare that a baby cannot digest breastmilk. As I understand it, in very rare cases, a baby might have a condition that makes them unable to digest lactose, which of course is not only in breastmilk but in most formulas, and those babies are very, very ill. As far as having 'trouble' digesting breastmilk, that is something that might happen if a baby is allergic to something you are eating, or if you have rather severe overproduction or overactive letdown which would result in baby getting an overload of the higher lactose so called "foremilk" , which might cause digestion issues even when baby is perfectly capable of digesting the normal amount of lactose. In such cases, (allergy and lactose overload) the issue can almost always be remedied while baby continues to nurse. Also, baby cries all day, but not at night? Presumably a digestive issue of such severity would affect baby all the time?

    Stools are pure water- do you mean they are colorless? Or have color but are very watery in consistency?

    Is baby exclusively breastfed? Any formula ever?

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