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Thread: very low milk supply at 6 weeks

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    hi tclynx

    thank you so much! your story is very encouraging and I am even more determined now. Funny thing you mentioned to use the finest tube, I just started to use the finest tube yesterday and i stopped venting the tube so the milk flow from SNS is really slow now and it gets slower as the LO sucks more as the air is depleted in the bottle.

    Also good to know you don't get much from pumping either! do you ever feel ur breasts full? I was so convinced that i didn't have much milk judging from the pumping results and soft breasts. But now it looks like it doesn't necessarily mean no milk!

    I start to offer my baby the breast every 1.5 hour now, it's not going well expected so far as he is not used to so much breast and didn't seem interested in eating. I hope it will get better tmr when he is hungrier.

    thanks again for the encouragement and understanding. For the first time i don't feel so alone and hopeless now!

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    Hi andrebaby,
    I'm definitely not highly experienced here and my baby is only 5 weeks old but I wanted to say you are doing an amazing job and I can relate since I have experienced some of the things you are struggling with (though I think my experienced have been a milder form.)
    I'm using an SNS and about a week ago I actually switched to the smallest tubes to make my LO work a little harder for the supplement. Perhaps use the SNS but open and close the tubes or adjust the height to provide just enough supplement to keep him interested in sucking and that way get him to stimulate your milk supply more without you having to pump so much or for as long.

    My Milk supply was a bit slow to come in and my baby was rather large. I experienced 4th degree tears and the blood loss left me a bit anemic. Had a sleepy baby and too many people encouraging me to "let him sleep" a bit too much early on when my milk supply really needed the stimulation so we wound up having to supplement to deal with excessive weight loss early on and to get his weight gain back on track. Just had his one month check up and we are doing well now and I've actually been able to decrease the supplementation of formula down to 2-4 ounces now.
    As for pumping, it hurts for me and I'm never able to get more than a spoon full out with the pump (I think maybe once I managed to get 1/2 an ounce combined for a pumping session.) I try to pump once for each time I use the SNS but because the pump hurts me I usually only pump for a short time now. Between nursing my LO very often, like every 1-1.5 hours during the day and then at least every 3 hours at night (actually we co sleep and he latches on at will at night but do your own research since co sleeping needs to be done safely and is not appropriate for everyone) My milk supply is almost up to his needs.

    Keep up the good work! Even if you are never able to totally get off the supplement you have made great strides so don't beat yourself up. However, if you are determined, don't let others discourage you from continuing trying to increase your supply.

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    thank you for your detailed reply. Fully understood your points and i am starting the new plan tomorrow! will let you know how it goes in a short while!

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    as to the water intake. It is very individual. I moved to a hot climate about 16 years ago and I became one of those people that always carried a bottle around and I must say since I started drinking lots of water I've been healthier (fewer colds etc.) I also basically cut sodas out of my diet about 10 years ago and since then thirst has been a better guide (certain things in sodas and some sweeteners seem to short circuit our thirst mechanism.)

    Anyway, peeing too often doesn't necessarily correlate to drinking too much water since things like coffee and other diuretics will likely make one pee far more than a similar amount of water. I also noticed while I was pregnant, if I didn't drink enough water one day, it didn't mean I got to avoid getting up to pee at night, only that when I did get up to pee, very little came out and I decided I preferred actually peeing when I got up to do so rather than just trying.

    Headaches and other problems can be a sign of mild dehydration as well as drinking too much water. Also pay attention to other symptoms to help figure out which is more likely to be the case. The goal isn't to pee plain water, the goal is to make sure your urine is dilute enough that your body can operate efficiently. Pale translucent yellow (or whatever is normal for you) is best.

    I might be tempted to think I drink too much water but when I drink much less than my 100 oz a day lately, I find my lips start getting chapped. And my 100 oz is just the plain water I drink (I'm not counting the juice, milk, coffee, or herbal teas I drink.) I live in a hot, humid climate so I sweat a fair bit when outdoors but it is humid here so I can tell based on my skin and lips if I am getting dehydrated. When I visit a dry climate I notice that I need to drink lots more water to keep my lips from chapping and I'm rarely successful.

    andrebaby, you mention your baby being a sleepy eater, mine seems to be too but I have lately realized that he is actually getting more out of me even when he seems to be dream feeding than I thought. What happens when you put your baby to the breast at night? Will he dream feed? (Nurse in his sleep) Many babies will nurse in their sleep and that might be a way to increase the frequency of feeding and be more effective than the breast pump.

    Good Luck!!!

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