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    my newborn is three weeks old and I think he is over eating. He wants to suck when he is fussy and the pacifier only works with him sometimes. So I feed him and he throws up. Sometimes he needs to be burped more than once after a feeding. How do I figure things out

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    I know it's distressing to see all that breastmilk come back up. Is he really vomiting hard (where it goes shooting out far away) or just spitting up? Is he unhappy when it happens?

    Babies do have a strong and real need to suck, and breastfeeding meets many needs (not only for hunger). So I'm glad to hear that you are letting him nurse freely and not restricting his time at the breast.

    If he is really vomiting, then that might indicate a problem like reflux, or a sensitivity to something in your diet. But if he's just spitting up (even though it may look like a lot) -- as long as he is growing well, making plenty of wet and dirty diapers, and usually content after a feeding, then it isn't anything to worry about. Some babies just spit up a lot, and that's a laundry problem, but not a health problem.

    Figuring things out in a breastfeeding relationship is sometimes a challenge, but it's always worth it. Hang in there and keep trying, and in the meantime be proud of what a good job you are doing in nourishing and nurturing your new son!


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    I know what you're going through!
    My baby was doing the same thing and we finally just kept her head more elevated than her feet. She slept better and spit up less frequently. I also used Mylicon (wonderful stuff!), which helped her with the excess gas.

    She still spit up quite a bit, but she continued to have her wet diapers and continued to grow. So, I wouldn't worry too much about it unless your doctor says something else. Your baby will probably outgrow it after a little while. Mine did!

    I also stopped eating gassy foods like brocolli, cabbage, beans, etc. Even chocolate! But doing this actually helped a lot. It's a small sacrifice for something wonderful and free!

    Good luck!


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    Yep some babies are just spitters, the above poster was right if dc is having projectile than that can be a problem Just be sure to watch dc. Also you can burp dc all day long, any time you are holding dc just pat away. You would be surprised as to how gassy they really can be, you can also rub their back. Make sure that you keep them elevated after they eat for a while and you can also elevate the bed/bassinet/your bed, ( wherever dc sleeps) that should help also!

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