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Thread: How much to feed?

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    Default How much to feed?

    I just started back to work the end of last week, and have been preparing bottles for my 3 month old. Does anyone know if there is a guideline for how many ounces she should be eating at each feeding, or for the day? She's getting 2 bottles of breastmilk while I'm at work, and then I BF for the other feedings. Just trying to make sure she's getting enough while I'm away at work - any info will be appreciated!


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    Default Re: How much to feed?

    Hmm I do not know for sure but just from my time being a nanny I would say that you would be safe with 2 6 ozs bottles and what she does not drink you could save?

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    There is a thread related to this under caregiver issues. I believe one of the leaders said 1 - 1 1/2 oz. per hour you are away.

    Personally, I leave four 5 oz bottles for my 3 month old DD while I'm at work. She drinks 2-3 of those four. Even then, she rarely finishes them all. Some days she only drinks 8 oz, some days 15 oz. Once a bottle is an hour old, the daycare has to throw it out. So unfortunately, often some of the milk goes to waste. Luckily I can pump enough. This is why I leave 4 bottles, even though she never takes that much. That way if the daycare misreads her signals and she isn't hungry and they have to toss it, she still has enough to eat.

    Will her bottle feeding ever be more predictable like formula fed babies? I guess we never eat the same amount or at exactly the same time, so why should I expect her to?

    Good luck! Going back to work is a hard adjustment.
    Mom to Alyssa (11/26/05)

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    Default Re: How much to feed?

    I thought I would also add to stick with slow flow or newborn nipples on the bottles. If your baby has to work to get the milk they are much less likely to have nipple confusion. I learned this the hard way!

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