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Thread: 5 weeks old and very fussy...please help

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    Default 5 weeks old and very fussy...please help

    My 5 week old is very fussy during and after feedings. Our pediatrician said it may be reflux related. I nurse both sides and she falls asleep. 20 mins later she is back up crying again. We have wet and pooped diapers. I keep her elevated after feeding, a tight swaddle, or kangarooing her but nothing seems to soothe her. I'm not getting much sleep and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Please help!

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    Default Re: 5 weeks old and very fussy...please help

    Hi, so this is a peak age for a few things that can fussiness at feedings. (and other times) Since milk production is typically at it's peak around now, baby may be reacting to what is known as forceful letdown. The milk is coming so fast it upsets baby. Other signs that indicate this are baby gulping and/or gagging when nursing, coughing when nursing, pulling off the breast at let down, (when the milk really starts flowing) clamping down on the nipple at letdown, large. frequent spitups, explosive poops..Does your baby do any of these things? Other signs that you may notice are lots of breast fullness between nursing sessions, milk spraying, plugged ducts, engorgement...

    The other thing is this is a typical age for colic, and that is sort of a catchall term for discomfort that may or may not be caused by ger. Is baby fussy all the time, day or night, or is it more of something that happens the most at one particular time of the day or night?

    If your ped suspects ger, what did he/she suggest?

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