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Thread: Pink nipples?

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    Default Pink nipples?

    I was wondering if anyone has experienced pink nipples after starting all purpose nipple ointment, if it could be a side effect? I have a 7 week old baby that I am breastfeeding, at my 6 week postpartum appointment my OB recommended APNO as I complained about sore nipples sometimes (had trouble with shallow latch and misshapen nipples the first 2 weeks) although the pain is much improved now. My nipples and areolas are normally brown, and after I started the APNO i noticed the nipples and some of the surrounding areola have started turning pink. Not shiny, not itchy, I have had baby checked for thrush and my OB didn't think I had thrush either at my 6 week appointment.
    So i thought the pink nipples could be due to 1 of 2 things...the APNO, or i am still working on baby's latch, it's not perfect as my nipples still come out a little misshapen at times so I thought maybe the discoloration could also be due to nipple trauma? Although the pain is pretty much nonexistant now.

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    I've heard of one instance of a mom with brown nipples suddenly having pink nipples, with no associated discomfort or thrush issues. The mom was African-American and she eventually figured it out- what was happening was that her baby's nursing was removing the topmost, darkest layer of skin, revealing the pinker skin underneath.

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    I think it is possible you are having a reaction to one or more of the APNO ingredients. Anything that is placed on the skin may cause a reaction in some people. I wonder if, if you read the prescription information for each of the ingredients, if irritation is one of the possible side affects. I would not be surprised. I have talked to mothers who negatively react to much milder topical substances.

    Here is my personal experience with pink nipples. With my last baby I had severe bad latch and nipple pain and bruising eventually leading to giant plug and mastitis in the early weeks. even after I got help and nursing became less painful, even basically comfortable, my nipples looked so pink an IBCLC I saw was convinced I had thrush. But I did not. they were just really bruised and sore and I needed more time to heal.

    As long as nursing continues to become more comfortable, to the point of becoming totally comfortable (as it should be) I would not worry overmuch about pinkness? Pain PLUS the pinkness is what would concern me most. What do you think?

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