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Thread: 1 week old, infrequent stools

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    Default 1 week old, infrequent stools

    My 7 day old baby has not pooped since Tuesday evening (3 days ago) and I am concerned.

    Only breastmilk. Latch, position seem great, not sore. Nursing totally on demand, almost constantly (at least 15 times per day, 20-30 mins each time). Milk came in on Tuesday/Wednesday. I hear swallowing, I can see milk in his mouth, he burps, has had 1-2 spit ups with milk in them. No jaundice.

    Saw pediatrician yesterday and he didn't seem to be concerned. Baby is back to birth weight, alert, good color. 6-7 wet diapers per day. At what point do I get concerned? Everything I have learned and read says baby should be pooping at least once per day or more...

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    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new baby! Given the pediatrician's lack of concern, and the good weight gain, color, alertness, and wet diaper output, I would think that this is a situation to keep a careful eye on but not to freak out about. Keep a careful diaper log and don't be afraid to drop by the pediatrician's office for a weight check.

    Did the baby pass his first meconium stool within 24-48 hours of birth? And did he transition to normal breastfed baby poops (loose, curdy, yellowish, not sticky) before he went on his poop strike?

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    Default Re: 1 week old, infrequent stools

    This post is a couple of weeks old now so I hope that things have become better for the OP, but I did want to chime in only because I was curious about a similar issue and came across an informative article elsewhere on the LLLI site. The article suggests that an absence of poop diapers but good presence of wet diapers could possibly indicate that the baby is not getting enough hindmilk. The article points out that the foremilk is more watery and less caloric, whereas the hindmilk is richer and more caloric, so the lack of stool could be the first indication that the baby isn't getting enough of the hindmilk, which could potentially contribute to weight gain issues, etc.
    Here is a link to the article: http://www.lalecheleague.org/llleade...jan98p123.html


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