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Thread: Is it normal?

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    My baby girl is 8 months. I have been try to introduce finger foods but she is anything but interested. She will eat anything puréed. For example, she will eat puréed carrots or bananas. But if I give her a steamed carrot or half a banana she makes a face as soon as it hits her lip. If I try to give her a bite of a steamed carrot (about the size of a Cheerio) she gags and spits it out. She doesn't like teething biscuits or the little gerber puffs either. Could this be a sensory thing or is she just not ready? She has no problem picking things up it's just when she does being it to her mouth she is alllll set. No matter what I give her for a finger food even if she eats it puréed.

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    This sort of thing is common. I wouldn't say it's a "sensory thing" because that makes it sound pathological. How about calling it a texture issue, instead? We all have textures we like and ones we don't. Your baby is making it pretty clear that chunky isn't her fave right now.

    I would continue to give her purees, but I think I would also mix in a few larger chunks so that she starts getting used to a less uniform consistency in her food. I would also continue to offer her a variety of finger foods, and allow her to eat them, or not, as she chooses. At this point, she doesn't actually need solid foods, so the exploration of solids with hands and fingers is really just as important as her actually putting things in her mouth.

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