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Thread: Journey till now...

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    I had a very very rocky start... am still a little wobbly I had Raynauds Syndrome when I started breast-feeding. I was not showing all the symptoms as stated on web about this condition. My nipples were never with White or blue after the feed. But the pain that I went through the first 8 weeks of being a mother was really bad. Would not like to experience that every again. After coming very close to supplementing my baby I turned to this forum, and I don’t what it was that kept me just to go on with BF.
    My breast still hurts when LO starts feeding but then after a few minutes the pain subsides.
    I had always heard that BF in one of the wonderful experiences, well I never felt. (I still don’t know how that feels!!)
    Coming back to the Raynauds Syndrome, I started on Vitamin B6, Hot compresses after BF, taking bath twice a day staying really warm in this year’s NY winter... helped me with pain.
    I used to get really mad and irritable when anyone said to me.... don’t worry this will pass... it will get better. Even today in this weather my breast hurts when I go out.
    Well now I know.. it does pass..... Either it will get better ... or u will get used to the pain In my case it was 50-50
    My LO turns 4 months this Saturday, she has already doubled her birth-weight. She is one big eater, I am barely keeping up with her demands, but its working. I don’t know how.... but its working!
    And last week... she rolled over... the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!

    Thanks guys., for always being here with kind and motivating words! I recommend these forums to all my friends and colleagues.

    Will keep sharing..... BreastFeeding Rocks!!!
    New Mom to a cute lil baby girl

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    Default Re: Journey till now...

    Mama, you have done such an awesome job! The forum might have provided some encouragement, but you're the one in the trenches, doing all the hard work!!!

    I know you're still waiting for that wonderful moment when everything is easy and nursing is fun- and I hope that you still have hope that the moment is coming. I know that I absolutely HATED nursing at 4 months. By 6 months it was better, by 8 months it was easy, and by 10 months you couldn't have paid me to quit. Unless you were, you know, like Warren Buffet or something and you were going to offer me about a billion dollars.

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    I agree with mommal - you've done an amazing job! And for myself, around 4.5-5 months was when I finally started to really enjoy breastfeeding too - so hopefully the enjoyable part is in sight for you too

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    Default Re: Journey till now...

    That's great that you've stuck with it despite the challenges. Hope your road only continues to get easier!

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