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Thread: fussiness and screaming on one breast.

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    Default fussiness and screaming on one breast.

    I am SO thankful I stumbled across this forum because it has been my bible the past week!

    Anyhow, my little one is officially a week old today. Things have been going great but yesterday my son started getting really fussy while nursing on my right breast. He will start to stir and jerk on my nipple and pull off and scream like someone is sticking pins into him. He'll only nurse a few minutes before this happens. From what I've read it could be due to fast let down but I don't know when my let down happens, I don't feel anything different before he starts to get fussy.

    I'm just wondering if there is anything I can do to help him, and to get him to continue to nurse on that side. I'm starting to get really full and would hate to go back to being engorged.

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    Default Re: fussiness and screaming on one breast.

    It's not uncommon for there to be asymmetry between the two breasts. So it could be there is faster letdown on the right than the left.

    The most helpful things for fast letdown are nursing in a laid-back position, and frequent nursing. Here are some links about laid-back nursing with some ideas, modify as necessary:

    In some cases, hand expressing a bit before baby latching on, and letting the fastest flow go into a towel or cloth before latching baby on, can be helpful. Also, if baby is refusing to latch on that side, hand expression (as opposed to pumping) can help relieve the fullness without over-stimulating supply on that side.

    Also, fast letdown often subsides over time as early engorgement/oversupply calms down, and baby becomes much more adept at dealing with the fast letdown.

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    Default Re: fussiness and screaming on one breast.

    That was my first thought -- have you tried playing around with different positions on that side? You might be able to find some positions that work better than others, and laid-back is a great idea to start with. That gives baby much more control over the flow if it's coming too fast.

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