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Thread: Help: 11 month old hasn't had a wet diaper in 15 hours

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    Default Help: 11 month old hasn't had a wet diaper in 15 hours

    My son is 11 months, primarily breastfeed, and last weight check was a little over 17 lbs. He eats very tiny amounts of solids usually something off my plate as he is more interested in grabbing and playing with the food than eating it. I haven't really pushed solids hard just let him play around as he wanted to and nursed as often as he wants. He was still nursing every 2-3 hours and just within the past two weeks started sleeping through the night. He goes to sleep around 7:30 and would sleep a solid 12 hours then he nurses, plays a bit, nurses again, takes a nap mid morning, - basically he has a little routine he follows most days and he nurses frequently.

    Yesterday (Sunday), he woke up with a soaked diaper, I changed him again around 9:15Am, 10:30AM, and Around 2 PM (wet diapers only). I also nursed him around 7AM (after he played with a tiny bit of my cream of wheat - mostly spit it at me), 9:15AM, 10:30AM, (napped) 1pM, 2:15PM (napped) shortly before 6PM (after he ate a few spoons of baked sweet potato) nursed him again before bed at 8 PM. This is when I realized he hadn't peed since his 2pm diaper change.

    He acted normal, he comes and finds me when he is hungry or sleepy and he did that a few times but also crawled past me a few times so I didn't think he was hungry. Though I have been wondering if he has been getting enough lately (but I've wondered that with every child). He hasn't been fussy and still sleeping. I did wake him (really just picked him up) to feed him at 11:30PM and again at 4:15 AM and both times his diaper was dry. Still dry at 5AM.

    I'm a little freaked out by it and plan to call the peds in the morning. I wondered if anyone has dealt with this or has any advice?

    His mouth is wet, he spit up today (he used to spít up a ton but it has gotten a lot better), lots of drooling, his head isn't sunken in and no other signs of dehydration. I know he is on the small side (our 3rd is as well) but that's why I always nurse on demand. I really can't tell how much he is getting. Today he moved back and forth between sides a few times which was different and made me
    Wonder if he was getting enough. I've never had an issue with too little milk before.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Default Re: Help: 11 month old hasn't had a wet diaper in 15 hours

    I wouldn't worry. If he soaked his morning diaper and hasn't peed since 2pm chances are you will wake up to a soaked diaper in the morning. Babies that age can hold it. It looks like you fed him at least 8 times in a 24hour period. All you can do is keep fluid in him. If he is showing no signs of dehydration I would rest until the 8 or 9am.

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