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Thread: 36 hour trip--is pumping necessary?

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    Default Re: 36 hour trip--is pumping necessary?

    I would also say it's really possible too that your response to the pump has dwindled a lot, but your supply is not necessarily as low as your pump output might otherwise suggest. My pump output is quite low at this point too, but I don't think the amount of milk my daughter gets when nursing is anywhere near as low as my pump output at this stage in the game suggests it is.

    I don't think it's weird to be sad about your supply going down, either. I'm sad every single time I feel like my supply has adjusted downward as our nursing relationship progresses. I think a lot of that sadness is because my daughter is still such an avid, frequent nurser--of course I will always allow comfort nursing regardless of the amount of milk she's getting, but I too also really know my daughter loves the milk itself, so I completely understand how you feel about this!
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    Default Re: 36 hour trip--is pumping necessary?

    Thanks, bfwmom and sonogirl.

    Bfwmom, I like the idea of a "nursing vacation". I will be leaving my current job and starting a new, part-time job very soon (yay!!) so that will make it easier to let DS nurse when he wants. I don't think I mind so much if my supply is going down because he is just comfort-nursing rather than actually drinking, but when I think it's because of the days I was gone for 24 hours and didn't pump, I feel really guilty. DS was SOOO clingy after those days too. He really missed Mommy and will be happy when I'm around more. I've felt all torn up over being gone so much and am so happy I am quitting and going part-time.

    Sonogirl, thanks for sharing that you feel the same way! I feel like such a freak being upset that nursing is decreasing with a 2.5 yr old, I mean, that's what's supposed to happen right? I'm glad I'm not the only one. And thanks for the reminder that my supply may be higher than what is indicated by the pump. That's a good point that I'd forgotten. I used to respond to the pump really well but I haven't pumped regularly in over a year, and I was also pumping at night and my son now sleeps through the night, so I was "demanding" milk at a time I wouldn't normally be making much, so maybe all of that together is why I only got an ounce.

    Again, I'm pretty much cool with the supply decreasing if it's because my son just doesn't want it anymore. But when he looks sad and says there's "no more muk (milk)" it kinda breaks my heart. I think this is all tied up with the guilt I feel about working too much and him missing me. It will all be much better once I'm home more. He has actually told me that he wants "more and more and more nu-nu (nursing) cause I miss you Mama" which is sweet and heartbreaking at the same time. He definitely acts like a nurse-aholic (or nu-nu monster, I call him affectionately) if he knows I'm going to be working an overnight shift, and for a day or two after I return from one. So glad I'm almost done with this job!
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*joshuas.mommy View Post
    He has actually told me that he wants "more and more and more nu-nu (nursing) cause I miss you Mama"
    That is SO cute! My LO nurses a lot too for about a week after I am away or go through a stretch of working a lot of hours. Yay for better hours!

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