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Thread: is it too late? (baby boy is 4 weeks 2 days old)

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    Unhappy is it too late? (baby boy is 4 weeks 2 days old)

    LO was born march 7th via c-section and sadly the hospital forced me to "supplement" with formula, which really was just straight feeding him as they wouldn't let 3 hours pass before feeding him again... and a lot. At this point I am more like supplementing with pumped milk or giving him as a snack really he has not lost any weight, he gained a little bit and plenty of wet diapers so I know he is well fed.

    I have big breasts with tiny flat nipples so my LO would get really desperate because he couldn't latch, he doesn't even try anymore. I have been trying to use a manual pump in an attempt to not to dry up until I get an electrical one or hospital grade one, but I live in Mexico and my husband will go to pick up some online shopping stuff in the USA in a few days. I am 30 years old and this is my first child.

    Is it pointless? I ordered some breast shields, an electric pump, mother's milk tea and thinking of renting a hospital grade pump.

    I have been taking fenugreek and a bit of lecithin here and there, I went from getting a few drops, about a fourth of an ounce to get half an ounce and almost one, back down to the point I am where I started.

    Everyone I have asked for help (my gyn, the pediatrician, the nurses at the hospital and the ones when LO got his vaccines have hinted to give up and not to feel guilty about it, it's killing me because it was important to me (I was bottle fed and very sickly while growing up) and to my husband.

    sorry for the long post, hoping it will be easier to get help with all the facts already posted.

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    Default Re: is it too late? (baby boy is 4 weeks 2 days old)

    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new baby!

    First, how are you feeling? Are you recovering okay from the c-section? Do you have plenty of help? At this point, all you should be doing is resting, recovering, and nursing/pumping.

    Since it sounds like you're currently bottle-feeding, here are some tips for doing so in a breastfeeding supportive way: http://kellymom.com/bf/pumpingmoms/f...ottle-feeding/
    And here are some tips on getting your baby to the breast:

    When your husband goes to the US, have him pick up a really good pump (hospital-grade rental would be ideal!), some different sizes of breast shields for the pump (often moms need to try more than one size to find the one that works best), and also some nipple shields. Shields can be great for babies who are resistant to latching, and for moms with flat nipples, because they stick way out and provide the baby with something to grab onto. Shields can cause issues with milk transfer, but at this point it's more important to get your baby latching than to worry about how much he gets when he nurses. It would also be terrific if your husband could pick up an at-the-breast supplementer (e.g. Medela Supplemental Nursing System or Lact-Aid)- that might enable you to have baby fed entirely at the breast while you bring your supply up with the good electric pump.

    It sounds like right now you are using a manual pump, which for most moms is the bottom of the barrel when it comes to effectiveness. So the fact that you are getting any milk at all with such a lightweight pump is terrific!

    How often are you pumping?

    Finally, I am so sorry you didn't get support from the medical professionals who you reached out to. Often people who drop the "you should just give up" hint are doing so not because your hopes of nursing are doomed. They do it because they failed at nursing themselves, or didn't try in the first place, and it makes them feel better if you follow their path than blazing your own.

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    Default Re: is it too late? (baby boy is 4 weeks 2 days old)

    First of all, thank you for your quick and so very helpful reply! I have never heard of an at the breast supplementer before, I will get it. I am doing very well, I have stopped using painkillers. I don't know if this matters but I also had an ovary cyst removed and had according to wiki a pomeroy tubal ligation.

    I forgot to mention I already bought the "pumpin' pal" pump breast shield set, I tried it with the manual pump, they are more comfortable but I get even less milk. Maybe they are not for bigger breasts but bigger nipples? it sucks my whole areola with the smallest one and the suction goes weak so I have been sticking to what the lansinoh manual pump comes with.

    I also had a nipple everter with me at the hospital, it was thanks to it that I was able to even try to nurse by making the nipples poke out more and even getting some colostrum out to tempt my LO.

    I pump twice a day now so my nipples and hands won't get too sore and tired, I was doing more but it would result in me needing to take a day off (dreading doing it again) and pretty much spending the whole day doing it as it takes me forever.

    Oh and I used to feel an itchy/burning sensation which I figured it was let down a few times a day but haven't felt it in a while, there is less milk on my breast pads in the morning, that's what made me think my breasts might be stopping milk production.

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    Default Re: is it too late? (baby boy is 4 weeks 2 days old)

    I think the basic problem here is that you're pumping just 2x per day and using a manual pump. Milk supply is created and maintained by demand, so when baby isn't nursing or isn't nursing well and you're not removing milk frequently using a good pump, you can expect your production to decrease. This is why you want that good pump, and once you get it you want to use it all the time- 8-12 times a day, more if you can manage it. The great thing about milk production is that it responds to increases in demand- so nurse more and pump more, and you'll make more.

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