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Thread: Need help...low carbish Detox diet?

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    Default Need help...low carbish Detox diet?

    Hi, I'm not sure if I am posting on the correct board, but I have a question about my milk supply. I am exclusively breast feeing my 5 month old son. A week ago I started the 21 day sugar detox diet, and I am worried because I am fairly sure my milk has decreased and I'm wondering if it is because of the diet. The detox is 21 days: no breads/wheat of any kind, no oats, no white potatoes, no pasta, no sugars of any kind including honey agave ect, no fruit (except green apple & green tipped banana), absolutely no processed foods, and so on. I can have as much healthy (meat/ full fat dairy) fats and as much vegetables as I like. The detox does have modifications for nursing mothers and I follow them, but it still seems to be low. Does anyone have any thoughts information or advice about this? It would be greatly appreciated I am trying to decide weather or not I should continue with the detox...

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Can you tell us what indications you have that supply could be low? In general, a mom need not follow a perfect diet, or even a particularly good diet, in order to produce plenty of milk for her baby. Calorie restriction is generally not a problem unless the mom is literally tipping over into malnutrition/starvation mode; under normal circumstances, a mom will simply dip more deeply into her fat stores in order to make up for any deficit in calorie intake.

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