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Thread: nipples in flange

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    I have been pumping for 10 mos already. I have always just held the bottles because the only way I can get milk out (with the hospital grade pump) is by compressing and moving my nipples around in the flange. Apparently I have ridiculously small nipples. I'm already using the Medela 21mm flange but I still have to move my nipple around to drain my breasts completely. Any tips? I would really like to cut out some work pumps which means I want to start pumping in the car and would like it to actually be efficiently removing the milk. Please advise!

    PS Pumping has always been a challenge for me.

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    I have the same problem. There is a 19mm you can get that works with the Medela PISA.
    Mine just came in the mail yesterday so I have yet to try them.

    I spoke to a nurse at Medela who said I could try putting a 20 or 16mm silicone nipple shield under the 21mm flange. That will be my next step if the 19s don't work.

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