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Thread: wieght check/ Nipple Pain/ Good Latch?

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    Default wieght check/ Nipple Pain/ Good Latch?

    My son is 11 days old and We've been feeding on demand since day one. We had a awesome LC in delivery recovery and my son took to breast feeding very quickly. ( I was shocked). Today we had his well visit and weight check and He was 8lbs. 5 oz. 5 ounces more then his birth weight. He was 8lbs at birth/ 7lbs. 8oz at discharge and 7lbs 10oz at his first weight check a week ago. So doctor and I were both very happy on his gain. He asked how I was feeling while breastfeeding and if the pain was slowly letting up yet and I said No. It was has felt the same as it did when I started. He suggested maybe baby's latch was causing it. So now I'm somewhat confused. Baby is eating and gaining great...is this possible with a bad latch? I haven't noticed a change in my latch and I just assumed the pain would go away after a few weeks. But the fact that the doctor said that I might be doing something wrong, I don't know what to do. I'm not engorged or have any infection it just really hurts for about 30 seconds and then I feel let down and its okay. Theres no cracks or anything and its more of burning feeling then anything else. Should I be feeling it less now at a 11 days or maybe I just have really sensitive nipples? And if I do, how can I fix it? I already bought a organic nipple cream and it really doesn't seem to do much. Baby is eating 8+ times a day and I do different positions all the time and I do use a boppy.

    Thanks in advance!!!!

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    Baby is eating and gaining great...is this possible with a bad latch?
    yes, absolutely. nursing should never hurt, although it often does the first week or two but then goes away. But it is always a red flag that something is wrong, and usually, that something is an 'off' latch. Also, latch can look fine and still be off. if it hurts, something is wrong. Luckily this is early days, you are not injured, and baby is doing great, so this is surely fixable.

    I cannot find links for you right now as I have a fussy toddler. But I would suggest trying laid back positioning aka biological nurturing, and considering NOT using the boppy. They can actually cause a worse latch in some cases.

    Read up on thrush as well, on the off chance that is going on.

    Can you see the LC again?

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    Thanks for the quick reply!! very interesting thought about the boppy ( didn't see that one in the amazon reviews) and I will try the laid back positioning at his next feeding. No thrush as of yet and I can see the LC again if I call and make an appointment. It is about an hour away and not covered by insurance so Id like to try to get this figured out on my own before I go that route. I wish she was closer though. Since they are not open on the weekend anyways, I will try to fix it this weekend and if not, call Monday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*dimplesx View Post
    it just really hurts for about 30 seconds and then I feel let down and its okay. Theres no cracks or anything and its more of burning feeling then anything else.
    This sounds like something people call the 30 second sizzle (or 10 second sizzle, or 60 second sizzle, depending on the mom). Basically what is happening is that when the baby first latches on, the latch isn't quite deep enough to get the nipple into the ideal position, on the back of the tongue underneath the soft palate. Instead, it's closer to the front of the tongue, underneath the hard palate, and when the baby sucks the nipple gets compressed and hurt. But after a few sucks- say 10-60 seconds, the baby draws the nipple deeper into his mouth and into the ideal position, at which point the pain stops.

    If what you're experiencing is the sizzle, then it will almost surely go away as the baby grows. A bigger baby has a bigger mouth and can get a deeper "bite" of breast. But it wouldn't hurt to experiment with different nursing positions, particularly reclined ones, and to try something called the nipple sandwich technique (this is a decent explanation: https://www.pumpstation.com/pumpstat...p?dept_id=3228).

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    Hey I am sorry if I was unduly alarming. I asked about he LC because you said you liked her, and I think its always really great to have a local breastfeeding helper of some kind that you can check in with. I don't necessarily think this situation warrants professional intervention! As mommal suggests some mothers discover that pain, especially relatively minor pain that is worst at the beginning of the feeding, seems to go away as mom and baby get more used to nursing and baby grows, and baby is growing quickly!

    ON the other hand it is important to take latch pain seriously, as it can in some cases lead to more complications. So if you find it getting worse, if you find you are getting overfull or engorged between feedings, or the breast is not softening after a feeding, if you see any injury or bruising, if you find you are putting off or 'dreading' nursing due to the pain, or limiting how often baby nurses due to it, those are some indicators that the situation overall is worsening.

    If the breastfeeding pillow is working for you, that is fine. They can be helpful tools, but most were not actually designed with breastfeeding in mind. Boppy's can be problematic in particular because of the shape, which creates a small 'chasm' that baby's face may turn slightly into, pulling the nipple with it. This can be fixed sometimes by filling in that gap with tightly rolled up towel or baby blanket. But any pillow can possibly cause problems with latch for a couple reasons. For an explanation as to why, see this article and go down to the section subtitled "Do you need any breastfeeding 'tools'" : http://www.lowmilksupply.org/latching.shtml

    here is some laid back positioning info: https://www.llli.org/docs/0000000000...astfeeding.pdf
    (remember for laid back, mom can be in any amount of recline (except flat on back) and baby can be in any position. If you feel like you are leaning too far back and it is awkward, you can sit up more. Basically you and baby have your own way you fit together best, so play around with positioning all you like. Here are some other ideas: http://www.llli.org/faq/positioning.html
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