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Thread: sore nipples 4 weeks

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    Default sore nipples 4 weeks


    I have a 4 weeks old baby and i still have sore and cracked nipples, i started with a nipple shield due to flat nipples
    In the 2nd day my nipples got so sore that it was so painful on one side and impossible on the other so i favored the better side which made it worse due to frequent nursing, then i started pumping and feeding with a bottle when my nipples get so sore
    I had a 1 on 1 with a LC she said shes latching fine, my nipples didnt hurt during the meeting but again 2 days after soreness began to come back, last week i took the shield off and everytime i nurse the 1st few sucks are killing then it would get better after couple days it started to hurt during the whole nursing session and even while pumping, i pump only since yesterday till my nipples get better, i think shes not latching right as she opens her mouth and closes it so fast and sometimes i feel her gums closing and opening on my aerola and sometimes rubbing it, and sometimes i feel burning sensation after feeding or pumping

    Is it too late to fix this or do i have to exclusively pump, i really want to breastfeed her but it started to be painful and very depressing

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    Default Re: sore nipples 4 weeks

    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new baby! I have a lot of questions for you, so please bear with me.
    1. When did the cracks start?
    2. What do the cracks look like? Are you seeing one large single sore per nipple, which looks wider after nursing, or are you seeing multiple small slit-like cracks?
    3. When your baby comes off the breast, what do your nipples look like- are they shaped like pencil erasers (symmetrical) or new lipsticks (asymmetrical/ridged/creased)?
    4. Do you ever see the nipple blanch (turn white) after nursing, or perhaps turn bluish-purple before returning to a normal color?
    5. How would you describe the pain you're experiencing- is it more of a pinching or stabbing pain, or more of an itching or burning?
    6. Have you or baby had a recent course of antibiotics?
    7. Have you had a recent vaginal yeast infection, or has the baby had oral thrush or diaper yeast rash?
    8. What does the skin of your nipples/areolas look like- is it more red/pink or shiny than usual? Do you see any dry-looking or flaking skin?
    9. What sort of pump are you using and did the LC check to see if you have correctly sized shields?

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    Default Re: sore nipples 4 weeks

    The cracks started within the first week i had something like a bloody bubble then it turned into a blister and fell off
    The cracks are small but they are not many
    My nipples come out kinda flat but symmetrical and they used to come out white then turn to normal color
    The 1st couple minutes its stabbing pain and sometimes i feel her gums rubbing against the areola then later she pinches between sucks
    I dont see and yeast infection symptoms and antibiotics at all
    My nipples look more pinkish after feeding and has flaky skin wen they are dry
    Am using the ameda electric double pump
    And i was told to use the small shield by a LC and then a medium one

    Thanks for the fast reply and i hope my my answers help

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    Default Re: sore nipples 4 weeks

    So, how many cracks per nipple? Just one, or are there several? The reason I ask is that I am thinking that what you're experiencing sounds very much like thrush, which is a yeast infection of the breast and the baby's oral cavity. Your nipples look pink and flaky, you had a soreness-free period followed by increased soreness... Anyway, if there's just one crack per nipple, that would point to a latch issue. Multiple cracks would point to thrush. I'd love for you to have your child's doctor take a look in her mouth- sometimes thrush is really obvious in the baby's mouth. Meanwhile, I'd strive for really good breast hygiene. Wash your bras, towels, and shirts on hot and change them daily. Wash your pump parts in super-hot water.

    Another possible explanation for the pain is vasospasm, which is a sudden restriction of blood flow to the extremities (in this case, the nipple). Vasospasms cause the nipple tip to turn white, and they generate a burning pain. They can happen in response to cold, to compression, because of thrush, of they can occur spontaneously. The best way to treat them is with heat, so get a hot water bottle or heating pad and slap that on the nipple when you feel a vasospasm strike.

    Are you still using the shield?

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    Theres 3 cracks forming a letter W and a separate one on one side the other is just sore, i stopped using the shield a few days ago on one side (the cracked one) and only yesterday on the other side
    So if its vasospasm is there a treatment for it? And yea the burning pain comee after she nurses and when i wear my bra
    I'll definitely have the pediatrician check her mouth
    I hope all this is over soon so i can get back to breastfeeding, do you think giving her a bottle for a few days can affect latching later especially that i think we'r having poor latch sometimes to begin with

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    Default Re: sore nipples 4 weeks

    With vasospasms, you want to treat the symptoms with heat, and also try to figure out what is causing the vasospasm. If the vasospasm is being caused by thrush, you want to cure the thrush. If it's being caused by compression, you want to fix the baby's latch. If it's being caused by Raynaud's phenomenon, there's a drug called nifedipine which is sometimes used as a treatment.

    Unfortunately, giving a bottle always has the potential to affect a baby's latch and even to cause the baby to stop nursing altogether. If you can bring yourself to nurse just a couple of times a day, even just once a day, it might help your baby remember how to latch and remain willing to latch.

    This is a good link on bottle-feeding in a breastfeeding-supportive way: http://kellymom.com/bf/pumpingmoms/f...ottle-feeding/

    Can you go and see the LC again?

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