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Thread: 4 month old not getting enough hindmilk

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    Question 4 month old not getting enough hindmilk

    Hello everyone!

    I'm on vacations right now, in a place WAAAY warmer than the place we live in. Since we arrive here, every time my 4 month old -and exclusively breastfed- baby has a dirty diaper it is always green. Sometimes dark green, sometimes yellowish green, but it has never been the yellowish dirty diapers he had at home.

    He is acting funny as well when he nurses. He seems to like drinking only the foremilk, and gets frustrated and starts fussing, crying and pulling away, when the flow gets slower.

    He seems to like switching breasts constantly, and I think it is because he likes when the milk flow is faster.

    Should I be concern about this? We are staying here for one week more and I want to know what to do about it.

    Could he be switching breasts because he is really thirsty, now that he is in a way warmer weather?

    How can I get him to stay longer in one breast so he can get more hindmilk?

    Additonal information: He just started to have his iron supplement as well. He looks perfectly happy and alert when he is awake, and he is having enough wet diapers a day.

    Thank you for your help!

    PS. Sometimes when he is sleeping he is moving his mouth as if he was nursing. Does this mean he is not getting enough milk?

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    Default Re: 4 month old not getting enough hindmilk

    Why is baby getting an iron supplement? IN any case, iron will change the look of poops. "darken it" so that makes sense for what you are seeing. Or possibly stop baby from pooping at all, unfortunately. Iron is constipating.

    As far as the nursing, this all sounds normal and fine. 4 month olds tend to nurse quite differently then they did before, either temporarily or as a more or less 'permanent' change. Shorter nursing sessions in particular are very common. On top of that you are on vacation, and travel often does not sit will with many a baby and causes behavior changes. Plus, the stress of travel or diet changes may have caused a small hit to your milk production, and all that switching sides could be baby's way of getting it going again.

    A breastfeeding mom need never, ever, ever, ever, EVER have to worry about if a baby gets "enough" so called "hindmilk." The only worry is if baby is getting enough milk overall. And as long as baby is nursing frequently and peeing and pooping, you can be pretty sure all is well in that department.

    Yes, foremilk is more thirst quenching, so I suppose it is possible baby is nursing this way due to the abrupt climate change. If that is the case, isn't that another example of how brilliant babies are?

    PS. Sometimes when he is sleeping he is moving his mouth as if he was nursing. Does this mean he is not getting enough milk?
    Isn't that cute? All my babies did/do this. It's normal. I would imagine they are dreaming of nursing, their favorite thing in the world. Sometimes I would snuggle baby at these times and see if baby wanted to really nurse. No harm in offering!

    I think all is ok. Relax and enjoy your vacation.

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    Default Re: 4 month old not getting enough hindmilk

    Thank you very much for you answer! It does make me feel more confident about all these changes. I will relax and follow my babies lead, it's true what you say, it is amazing how they know what they need!

    Thank you again!

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