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Thread: Bottle brands known to support breast feeding?

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    Default Bottle brands known to support breast feeding?

    Long time lurker (seriously, you saved my first breastfeeding experience with my son) and first time poster!

    Headed back to work in one week after a wonderful 12 week maternity leave.

    Right now my daughter is EBF, but did take a bottle of breast milk last week as a trial. As of now, I nurse on cue, she has a good latch (wide mouth, no pain), and have worked through forceful letdown with the help of llli.org forums.

    When I returned to work and pumped with my son it didn't go very well and I don't want to repeat history. My previous job was very strenuous, I had frequent overnight calls and I had limited time to pump - I was supplementing with formula by four months and a switch to the night shift did me in and I stopped producing by six months and I felt like a failure . My current job seems more supportive and I will only have three over night calls per month, but I'm still worried.

    Ive read about having marathon nursing sessions when I have a day off, but my husband works most weekends and I have a wild 2 1/2 year old that needs my time too.

    I'm also concerned that the bottles won't make her "work for it" to mimic breastfeeding and that she'll overfeed and outstrip my ability to keep up. I am very worried about pumping and bottle feeding killing off my supply (to clarify, no supply issues now).

    I have Nuk bottles with slow flow nipples (which is what I used with my son), but Ive been reading about Kiindle brand. Any input regarding bottles or any suggestions. I passed the two articles cited often about bottle feeding techniques to support breast feeding along to our caregiver.

    I really don't want to have to turn to formula again and I especially don't want to lose the nursing relationship I have with my daughter. Basically, I don't want to repeat what happened with my son.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated

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    Default Re: Bottle brands known to support breast feeding?

    Welcome to the forum!

    I don't think anyone knows whether the bottles that are marketed as being good for breastfeeding actually are good for breastfeeding, or whether one good-for-breastfeeding bottle is better than another. When it comes to choosing a bottle, I think you go with what works and what you hope will work. It can't hurt to try a different brand and see if it gives you more of what you want.

    It sounds like you're doing wonderfully well right now. Here's what I would want to watch for, if I were in your shoes:
    - Baby being overfed at daycare- more calories taken in during the day can mean less need for them when baby is home with you, and you want baby nursing when she's home!
    - Baby going long stretches at night without nursing. As a working mom, I am sure you could really, really use your sleep! But night nursing is a great way to keep your supply going- it means less need for bottles at daycare, and it keeps your overall supply higher.
    - Birth control- make sure you're using a breastfeeding-friendly option. Some moms find that even those hormonal contraceptives that are "safe" for breastfeeding cause decreases in supply, so if you can swing a barrier method, it might make sense to use ipone for the time being.
    - Pump function. As a full-time working mom, you want a great double electric pump with correctly sized shields, and you want to keep it in tip-top working order.
    - If you find that your pump output is slumping, rehab your pump and consider adding in more pumping sessions to your day. You may sometimes need to pump after feedings when home with your baby if your workday sessions don't net enough milk.

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    Default Re: Bottle brands known to support breast feeding?

    I don't know what's "best," but we pretty much tried and stuck with the First Years Breastflow bottles. My LO was pretty happy to switch back-and-forth from bottles to breast, though, so we may have just lucked out that they worked easily for us. Only thing is they're hard to find (we happened to find some at Target on clearance when we needed more) and they need to be replaced frequently. But even with those, we did the paced bottle feeding, just to make it more annoying for her to eat from a bottle.
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    Default Re: Bottle brands known to support breast feeding?

    There is no right answer. The suggestion I give to new moms is to NOT decide on a bottle/nipple and buy a bunch of one kind, because baby might decided they don't like them and you are stuck with a bunch of bottles/nipples that you can't use. My pump came with a couple of Medela nipples, which my son hated. We ended up doing a combo of Breastflow and Evenflo, two completely different nipples but he was content with both. Once you find a nipple you daughter likes you do not need to upgrade the nipple flows or bottle sizes as she gets older, just keep the slow flow nipples with 3-4oz bottles until she weans off bottles.
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    Default Re: Bottle brands known to support breast feeding?

    My baby uses Avent Natural with the newborn flow nipples (he's 5 months). He was very picky with the bottle situation in the beginning but thank god he takes these.

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    Default Re: Bottle brands known to support breast feeding?

    I have been using comotomo. I like it because it's not a ton of parts, wide base, legit slow flow, natural feeling bottles. Also heard good things about joovy boob.

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