We have had a little one with weight gain issues too. It can be frustrating. You are doing all you know how, and everyone has a different opinion. For us the pediatrician wants to increase his food intake, but my GP wants him on bottles and is suggesting he needs more milk at this stage. The amount you are saying your baby drinks in the day does seem small to me. Does your day care provider think she should take more? Your LO does seem to eat a fair amount of solid food though.

About sleep, I have a 6 yo who had to be touching me to sleep when he was a baby. *smile* I know how tough it can be. We put our mattress on the floor, got a less fluffy blanket and hunkered down for the long haul. He slept with us until he was about 2. Then we slowly started getting him in his own bed. It was a process, but now he's fine. He's a well adjusted 6 yo who sleeps in his own bed.

I have read that co-sleeping and night nursing can help baby weight gain. My pediatrician says try to eliminate the early morning nursing and just wake up for a good big breakfast. But my boy doesn't eat very much at a time. If your baby is eating a lot and not gaining, you should consider having some tests done. Could there be a medical cause for the slow growth?

My boy is 10 mos, and for the first time they have decided to run some tests and make sure there is no medical cause. So we are off to the hospital tomorrow to test for Celiac, CF, Iron deficiency... all kinds of things! It will be good to know for sure. Then we can just focus on the one area (hopefully just food intake!)

Good luck Mamma! Trust your instincts. You are doing fine!