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Thread: Question about finger feeding/feeders and suck training

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    Default Question about finger feeding/feeders and suck training

    Hello. I wasn't sure if I should post this here or in the main forums. I posted below several months ago. My LO was born at 24 weeks gestation. She is still having feeding issues. AT first we were told it was due to swallow issues. But now I have come to see it was also a suck issue. She is now at a corrected age of about 3 months. Still, she seems very disorganized and I think this is due to her prematurity.

    We were recently recommended to do "suck training" excercises with the finger in the mouth. It was also recommended to do insert a SNS style tube in to let her have a little milk as she did the sucking correctly, and then clamping it off when she was NOT sucking correctly.

    So I am seeking advice from anyone who has done this. Which style of SNS is better for this sort of thing ? Medela or the Lactaid ? Or something else ????
    HELP !

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    Default Re: Question about finger feeding/feeders and suck training

    Hi I hope someone with experience is able to answer your question. Meanwhile I would suggest that you ask whoever gave you this suggestion for input on this. If this suggestion came from a lactation consultant, I would hope she would know how to get you the proper equipment. I would also suggest the book supporting sucking skills in breast-fed infants by Catherine Watson Genna. You can also visit her website, but the book may provide more detailed information. She also has a book detailing the tools used in breast-feeding support which may have the information that you need. These books are written for the lactation professional, and may be a bit pricey to purchase for individual use. On the other hand you may be able to find them used. Also if you have been in consult with a lactation consultant perhaps she can loan them to you or make copies of relevant pages.

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