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Thread: Drank 8.5 oz in 4 hours?!

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    Default Drank 8.5 oz in 4 hours?!

    Hi all-

    Just came home from dinner date w/hubby & while we were gone our 6 wk old DD drank 8.5 oz! We left her at 8:15pm (I fed her at 7) & picked her up at 12. In laws said she cried after the second 2.5 oz bottle (at that point she alreafy had 5oz) & wanted to drink more milk. (This was at 11pm.). She is using slow flow Medela nipples. They also fed my 2 1/2 y.o. Son, so I'm confident they know what they're doing. Also I personally witnessed her drinking 6 oz milk in one feeding last Sun. Pediatrician said as long as she's having wet & dirty diapers, it's ok.

    Is this normal? & what should I do when I return to wk on Monday? I don't have that much milk pumped!

    Tks for your help!

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    Default Re: Drank 8.5 oz in 4 hours?!

    What you want to do is to use paced bottle feeding techniques: http://kellymom.com/bf/pumpingmoms/f...ottle-feeding/. You also want to swap in alternative comfort measures for the bottle, like pacifiers and rocking.
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    Default Re: Drank 8.5 oz in 4 hours?!

    Is this normal?
    So baby took in 8.5 ounces during a 5 hour separation? Or rather, a 4 hour separation but baby did not nurse for an hour before you left.- so, on paper, that would be a little 'too much.' But of course in practice, an evening separation can be hard on a baby, as typically, babies require lots of comforting in the evenings and consequently, like to nurse a great deal during that time. So I think your in-laws were responding to this need in the only way they thought made sense, which was giving baby more to eat. But 8.5 ounces would represent about a third of what a baby would normally take in in 24 hours, so yes it is a little much for only 5 hours.

    I agree with mommal, as much as possible, you really want the folks who are giving baby a bottle regularly to understand the importance of letting baby have more control over how much and when and how to do that. That is what paced bottle feeding is all about. For the occasional grandmother baby sitter who may not be interested in being taught a 'new' way to give a baby a bottle, I would suggest, just leave less milk next time and explain other calming techniques you have found work for your baby. A 6 week old baby will of course cry & not 'settle" for many reasons, not just hunger.

    If baby taking such huge bottles is concerning you that baby does not get enough to eat when breastfeeding, don't be. What a baby takes in with a bottle has nothing to do with if baby is getting enough. To be sure baby is getting enough milk overall, Yes, you want to see an adequate amount of wet and poop diapers, as that would indicate that baby is probably getting enough to eat. But it is also important that baby is gaining weight normally. If baby is gaining weight normally, all is well, even if poops become less frequent, even much less frequent, which they sometimes will sometime after 6 weeks.

    Assuming normal gain, the real concern is that baby is being OVERFED with the bottles. 1) in the 'typical' bottle feeding position, (which we now know is not the way any baby should be fed, optimally,) babies cannot stop the flow from of a bottle no matter how slow flow it is, and thus, is overfed 2) baby will suckle and suckle seeking comfort. At the breast, flow ebbs and flows, but at the bottle, it just flows, is gone, and baby cries for more because baby needs to suckle for comfort- and thus, will get overfed. If baby is overfed with bottles baby nurses less becasue baby has been overfed with the bottles. Also, baby may well get 'lazy' at the breast and frustrated with the normal flow of milk from the breast due to the bottle milk coming to fast (yes, even with low flow nipples, its too fast.) This is really the most typical cause of that dreaded "nipple confusion' you may have heard about. If baby nurses less, moms milk production is harmed (not overnight, but over a little time). If Moms milk production is harmed, baby gets more bottles and breastfeeding ends prematurely. This is a health issue for both baby and mother. So baby being fed appropriately when given bottles is very, very important. Also, feeding a baby huge bottles at a time of breastmilk OR formula is strongly suspected as contributing to childhood obesity.

    Assuming your baby is nursing with normal frequency when you are together, which would at this point probably includes nursing at least a few times overnight, the typical baby needs about 1 to 1.5 ounces per hour of separation while mom is at work. For date nights and other times when the separation is only 2-4 hours, there may not be a need for any bottle. Expect babies intake to vary a bit day to day, but if baby is typically getting more than 1.5 ounces per hour of separation while you are at work, it is possible baby is being overfed.

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    Default Re: Drank 8.5 oz in 4 hours?!

    Dear Mommal & Meg,

    Thanks so much for your help & information. I did start DD on a pacifier today, so I can be used as a sucking soother. I'll also discuss better bottle feeding w/in laws (I know they'll be receptive). I'm so appreciative for your quick responses.

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