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Thread: 5 month old always seems hungry?

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    Default 5 month old always seems hungry?

    I work and breastfeed my 5 month old at night and on weekends on demand. While I am at work he stays with grandma and she gives him 2 (or 3, depending on if I can get there and nurse over lunch) 4 oz. bottles of expressed milk. Some days are better pumping output than others (anywhere from 2 - 4 oz. at a time). My question is - when I am home with him, he always seems hungry. I feed on demand, as I said, but I could offer him the breast or a bottle at any given moment and he would take it eagerly. When I finish breastfeeding him he might cry for a moment, but then after a burp he seems fine? So I guess I am needing some reassurance that I am still enough for him??? Sometimes at night it takes a while for my letdown (like, a long time - 30 min.!) but we cosleep so I know when he starts getting really hungry, because he starts fussing a lot and flailing around. I don't want to give up breastfeeding but of course I want what is best for my baby and don't want him to be hungry just because I am stubborn and hell-bent on continuing. I should add that he is 33% for his weight and gaining fine, has around 6 wet diapers a day. Thank you!

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    Baby wanting to nurse all the time does not mean that he is not getting enough milk. More likely, him wanting to nurse all the time when you get back from work is his way of wanting to reconnect with you (in addition of course to getting milk). The good thing is, all that nursing is great for keeping supply up, especially since the pump often is not as efficient in maintaining supply as baby is. And that's great that you are co-sleeping and night nursing - again very important for a mom working outside the home. The fact that he is gaining weight just fine tells you that your supply is fine. Also, 2-4 oz of pump output is normal and does not indicate low supply. The key is to make sure you are pumping enough to keep up supply while you are at work. How long is your workday and how often are you pumping, and how long? Are you keeping up with baby's expressed milk needs?

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    with the PP. 5 month-old babies don't necessarily have too many interests beyond cuddling with mom. And why would any baby just cuddle when he could also nurse?

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