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Thread: Thrush and frozen milk

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    Hi all,

    I found out today that my 10 month old has thrush. My first sign was a diaper rash that popped up a week ago that looked like yeast and wasn't going away with Destin. Then, last night, I Googled yeast diaper rash and saw things about thrush. Sure enough, I looked in his mouth and he had the white spots. I took him to the doctor today, and he was given Gentian Violet for his mouth and Nystatin ointment for the diaper rash.

    I have a TON of frozen breastmilk that has a date range of 1/25-4/1. He usually eats a mix of frozen and fresh when I am at work. I have no idea as to when the yeast started, so I don't know what to do with all the frozen milk I have. Should I continue giving it to him? Should I throw it all out?

    I'm not sure if I have yeast on my nipples. My nipples are super raw right now, but I have been attributing that to distractible nursing and him ripping off my nipple when he turns his head to look at something. His teeth have definitely been scraping my nipple when he does that. However, I did have a little itching on one of my nipples last week....

    Thanks in advance!!

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    So sorry you are dealing with this! If you haven’t been to the kellymom website, it has a lot of great information. Here is a post from that website titled “I have thrush. Can I give baby my expressed milk?” http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/chil...xpressed-milk/. What I am taking from the website is this: the frozen milk expressed during a thrush outbreak and treatment should not be given to baby after treatment has finished, as there is a risk that the milk could reinfect the baby. While you/baby are still being treated, it is ok.

    That doesn’t really answer your question about the frozen milk between that date range, unfortunately. I’d say that the milk expressed since the diaper rash began counts as during the thrush outbreak. I’m not sure about before that.

    Also, it is my understanding that both mom and baby should be treated for thrush, since it can spread back and forth. So whether or not thrush is the cause of the nipple rawness, you might want to go ahead and get treated.

    Sorry I cannot offer more personal experience and advice. Hope this helps and that I’m not just telling you stuff you already know!

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    Thrush is awful. From personal experience you need to treat baby and you at the same time. Even if you (or sometimes baby) do not show signs of it. Otherwise you will keep passing it between each other. You need to keep up treatment for at least 1-2 weeks after all visible symptoms have gone. Replace breast pads frequently, like as soon as they are wet. Also replace any bibs or tops baby is sick or dribbles on frequently. Boil your bras and any tops you get milk on. Wash clothes at a higher temperature - I think 60 degrees or higher kills it. Sadly milk pumped when there is thrush is only safe to give while you still have thrush outbreak eg later that day if daddy is doing a night feeding. Bit of a pain but thrush isn't killed/doesn't go away with freezing is my understanding. So I would look to throw out (or use up now) the milk frozen from the start of outbreak, and maybe slightly before. Also keep your nipples dry and aired, thrush thrives in moist warm conditions. Perhaps also take a strong probiotic if you aren't already. Practice extra cautious hygiene when cleaning nappies as thrush is showing there. Thrush can such a pain to get rid of so annoying as it is with ott washing and changing it'll help keep reinfection chances lower!
    Hope it resolves soon!!!

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