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Thread: Breast changes with BFing while pregnant?

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    Default Breast changes with BFing while pregnant?

    Hi all,

    I'm newly pregnant and am still nursing my toddler. She still nurses pretty frequently throughout the day. I know that milk supply tends to decrease and change to colostrum in the second trimester. I know that nipples are most tender in early pregnancy. I know that many children will wean themselves with the supply dip during pregnancy. Throughout pregnancy should I be expecting any other size changes or any other Breast changes while breastfeeding during pregnancy? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Breast changes with BFing while pregnant?

    Every pregnancy is different, so I don't think you should "expect" any changes. You might see things like breast growth, breast/nipple tenderness, darker nipples/areolae, colostrum leakage- or you might not experience any of those possibilities! In addition, take information about timing of things like supply decrease and presence of colostrum with a grain of salt. Some moms never experience loss of supply, others experience it well before the second trimester. Some notice colostrum early on, others not until much later or not at all.

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    I created an id to reply to this.

    I am 38 weeks pregnant and have been BF my son (now 18 months) throughout pregnancy.

    Much of what happened with me didn't fit the standard timing but perhaps my experiences will help/ be interesting to you.

    From about 2 months pregnant I started to find BF painful. I don't know if you have ever had a milk blister but it felt like that. This was relieved when I used lanolin or coconut oil on my nipples before nursing. For a month I would not BF without one of these creams. My milk dried up for the most part around 4 months but my son continued to comfort nurse (he still got some milk) and to my surprise at about 5 months my milk came back again. I did notice my milk turned to colostrum at about 8 months. None of these changes affected my sons desire to nurse at all.

    Another big thing was pain not when actual nursing but when the milk is coming in. If my chest is cold it can be absolute agony. I advise to have shawls and sweaters that fit well during pregnancy. Even on sunny days do not leave the house without something warm you can put on your chest. I used a hot water bottle in bed sometimes as well. Keeping my chest warm stopped the pain.

    It has also gotten painful when nursing sometimes around 8.5 months or so - just crampy - but moving around helps with that.

    Due to BF pain I stopped night nursing around 4 months. Luckily my husband was extremely supportive of this and took the baby when he woke at night. I continued to give him morning BF and BF before a nap. I did stop the mornings due to exhaustion around 7 months. Again my husband was very supportive. My son was upset at first but adjusted quickly. He sleeps through the nights now for the most part. We still BF during the day. This works for us really well and is something I am sure I will be able to keep up when the new baby comes.

    I have just read my post through and I realise it is lots of talk about pain and discomfort. It has been good for me as well though. I get some much needed rest when I am breastfeeding him. Parenting I can do lying down. Or just watching TV and he is quite content and happy and I feel bonded with him. He loves to BF so much. I just didn't want to take it away from him. Also I get so tired when pregnant and it's nice to be able to sit down and feed him. He enjoys it and I relax.

    My biggest advice is to keep your chest warm.
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    Default Re: Breast changes with BFing while pregnant?

    Sorry double post.
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